‘Love is Blind’ 2: social media’s torn up over Abhishek and Deepti

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After a hugely popular first season in 2020, Netflix’s hit dating show Love Is Blind returned to our screens last week.

This time, it included four South Asian contestants (Juhie Faheem, Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, Haseeb Hussain, and Deepti Vempati) among the 30 singles hoping to find love.

Blink and you might miss Juhie and Haseeb but Shake and Deepti continue on as some of the show’s frontrunners.

Unfortunately, social media isn’t exactly loving the pairing.

It all began with Shake’s flippant comments in the early dating stages, asking multiple women if they work out and if he’d be able to carry them on his shoulders at a music festival. (He’s a vet and DJ, as he mentioned more than once).

It didn’t help that the 33-year-old admitted to only dating younger, blonde women and had never been with an Indian woman.

(To be fair, Deepti also said she’d never dated another Indian before.)

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Still, it seems social media has rallied behind her as Shake’s red flags continue to be on display.

Apart from this problematic pairing, though, there’s plenty of other drama that’s keeping Love is Blind viewers hooked.

The second instalment of Love is Blind episodes arrive on Netflix later today – is there hope yet for Shake and Deepti?

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