Let’s build a safer Victoria


Corrections Victoria launches a major recruitment campaign for prison officers from multicultural backgrounds

Find the Potential Within’ is a major recruitment initiative launched by Corrections Victoria to engage more than 750 prison officers and community corrections officers from multicultural and diverse backgrounds.

Victoria prides itself on having a good correctional system, but is on the threshold of a major expansion to build an exceptional system and thereby make the state the safest in the country. This new recruitment campaign, which was launched in late June, encourages people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to come and work together to build a safer Victoria.

Corrections Victoria Commissioner, Jan Shuard, said that this recruitment campaign will positively affect the organisation as it helps to bring together a diverse breadth of insight and life experience. It is hoped this will enable the prison workplace to become more perceptive and open in its understanding of the community.

This campaign offers excellent employment opportunities and positive working conditions in a compassionate and supportive environment. There are a lot of myths and preconceived notions among the public when it comes to prisons and correctional facilities. Ms Shuard hopes that this recruitment campaign will enable the common man to understand and appreciate the positive, engaging and rehabilitative nature of Corrections Victoria.

The prison officers and community corrections officers play a vital role in safeguarding the community. “These officers can contribute positively to the criminal justice system of Victoria thereby ensuring safety and security for all sections of the community alike,” Ms Shuard said.

Commissioner Jan Shuard stressed the fact that the rationale behind this recruitment drive is an expansion of Victoria’s prison systems, and is not related to any specific crimes or crime trends, racial or cultural. The need of the hour is a better and more positive prison environment along with providing more opportunities to the large Victorian community.

So, what do you need to become a prison officer? A good command over the English language, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and an inherent ability to relate and work with people belonging to diverse backgrounds.

Corrections Victoria is looking out for a broad range of candidates from multidisciplinary educational and work backgrounds. This is a way of transferring your existing skills and experiences to a more positive, challenging and enriching work environment.

No pre-requisite training is required for candidates to apply for these roles. All the necessary professional training and development, access to employee assistance programmes and recreation facilities will be provided after candidate selection. Corrections Victoria promotes gender equality and prides on having a workforce that provides equal opportunities and a safe working environment for both males and females.

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a prison officer or community corrections officer, visit correctionsjobs.vic.gov.au