International students express safety concerns following Sifat’s death

Sifat died last week, a day after he was critically injured during a violent home invasion in the Darwin suburb of Millner. A fundraiser in honor of Sifat has raised over $20,000.

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Following an International student, 23-year-old Md Isfaqur Rahman Sifat’s death in a violent home invasion, the international students studying in Northern Territory are concerned about their safety. They have started a petition requesting that the government and local leaders increase police presence and patrols in residential areas, shops, and public areas to deter criminal activity.

They are also urging the authorities to cover more areas under live surveillance to detect threats and prompt action where necessary. Additionally, community members are asking for support for victims of crime, including counselling and financial assistance, as well as education about the impact of crime and the importance of reporting suspicious behaviour.

A Bangladeshi student who was studying at Charles Darwin University died after a brutal attack inside his home. The student was heavily assaulted by an intruder and fought bravely in ICU, but unfortunately, he passed away on May 4th, 2023, at 4:35 PM.

The NT Police has charged a 29-year-old man Brendan Kantilla with murder, aggravated burglary and theft over the death of Md Isfaqur Rahman Sifat, a 23-year-old exchange student. Sifat died last week, a day after he was critically injured during a violent home invasion in the Darwin suburb of Millner. A fundraiser in honour of Sifat has raised over $20,000.

Bangladeshi Student Association at Charles Darwin University organised a remembrance vigil and honored Sifat (Source: Facebook)

Bangladeshi Students Association organised a funeral prayer in the memory of Md Isfaqur Rahman Sifat. The NT Chief Minister Natasha Fyles, the Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro, and several other members of the Northern Territory parliament were among those who attended the funeral prayer. In addition, Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison stated that the upcoming NT budget, which is set to be released tomorrow, will contain crime prevention measures.

According to her, “This is a multicultural community that we are all proud of, and it is heart breaking to witness such a tragic event. We must take all necessary steps to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.”

The death of Md Isfaqur Rahman Sifat has raised concerns about the safety and security of the community, and many are worried about the future of the Northern Territory as a destination for students, workers, and families. The government and local leaders are being called upon to take immediate action to address the issue and ensure the safety of citizens.

To ensure their voices are heard, community members have started a petition calling for action from the government and local leaders. The petition highlights the need for safer accommodation, a safer public transport system, and more transit officers on the road to ensure safe movement for travellers.

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