20 films and series not to miss in November 2023

As we enter the festive season, Indian cinema has a few fireworks releasing this November that may either sizzle or fizzle.

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Tiger 3 (In cinemas)

Strap in everyone, the big cat of Hindi cinema’s spy universe is back! Salman Khan is ready to roar in what will no doubt be the blockbuster Bollywood film of November. Bhaijaan has also bought back combat queen Katrina Kaif for the next instalment of this explosive action franchise. Fingers crossed this sequel is just as power-packed as its predecessors!

Release Date: 12 November


Rainbow Rishta (Prime Video)

Rainbow Rishta
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Love transcends all bounds, including the colours that paint India’s vibrant cultures. This new docuseries is a candid exploration of queer love featuring incredible members of India’s LGBTQIA+ community. With familiar faces such as Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju and Aishwarya Ayushman, feel their love with this heart-warming flick.

Release Date: 7 November


Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan (In cinemas)

A beloved Indian serial is finally getting a sequel added to its franchise! Madness is the main ingredient for this Khichdi film as everyone’s favourite Gujarati family unites again for the Hindi comedy release. Take the family to catch this flick for a rib-tickling time together!

Release Date: 17 November


The Railway Men (Netflix)

All board for this journey through a tragic night of twists and turns. Based on the events of the Bhopal Gas Disaster in 1984, the upcoming Hindi drama tells the story of four saviours who risk their lives to save a town quickly crumbling. Captaining this four-episode series is a stellar cast of Kay Kay Menon, R. Madhavan, Babil Khan and Divyenndu.

Release Date: 18 November


Takeshi’s Castle (Prime Video)

The upcoming revival of this much-loved Hindi game show will be an absolute treat for  ’90s kids. With funny man Bhuvan Bam on the commentator’s mic, relive the joy of the obstacle course that will see contestants turning and tumbling and have our giggles going once again!

Release Date: 2 November


Jigarthanda DoubleX (In cinemas)

The prequel to a Tamil blockbuster that promises another powerful punch! A jewel of Tamil cinema Jigarthanda has now had a retro rewind. Director Karthik Subbaraj is taking fans of the original film back in time as Raghava Lawrence and S. J. Suryah going head-to-head for this period action comedy.

Release Date: 10 November


Japan (In cinemas)

If the name hasn’t thrown you off already, wait till you watch the movie. Tamil cinema star Karthi plays quirky crime master who leads the cops on a cat-and-mouse chase. Does this thief have what it takes to weave his way out of trouble?

Release Date: 10 November


AadiKeshava (In cinemas)

This adrenaline filled entertainer is promises a thrilling ride into a turbulent town. Starring Vaishnav Tej and Sree Leela, this Telugu action drama sees its leads navigating a small town overflowing with trouble and also laced with love.

Release Date: 3 November


Brand Bollywood Downunder (In cinemas)

Hindi cinema has cemented its place into our nation’s multicultural fabric – but where did Australia’s fascination for Bollywood begin? Director Anupam Sharma, known for the films UnINDIAN and The Run, presents his love letter to Bollywood from the audience down under. Mark your calendars for this picturesque homage that will have Aussie film buffs to saluting Hindi cinema.

Release Date: 1 November


Sapta Sagaradaache Ello – Side B (In cinemas)

If you didn’t get the chance to watch Side A, do so now before heading to watch this Kannada rom-com! Manu and Priya’s turbulent love story is yet to fully unfold, and audiences can expect many more hurdles in their journey. Rakshit Shetty and Rukmini Vasanth are yet to wrap up their tale of star-crossed lovers so don’t miss the final serenade on their tape.

Release Date: 17 November


The Lady Killer (In cinemas)

When romance clutches the reins of one man’s life, danger seems to also lurk around every corner. Arjun Kapoor stars opposite Bhumi Pednekar in a gripping Hindi drama that is plagued with more questions than answers. Be prepared to make your way through the maze of a mind littered with secrets.

Release Date: 3 November

Aankh Micholi (In cinemas)

After a family of misfits find themselves in a mess, will love still be able to conquer all confusion?  This Hindi comedy stars Mrunal Thakur and Abhimanyu Dasani having to untangle their families from their love story. Throw Paresh Rawal into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for comedic chaos.

Release Date: 3 November


P.I. Meena (Prime Video)

Meet Meena, the super sleuth who has fallen down a rabbit hole of secrets, lies and surprises. Although all isn’t what it seems, she still is adamant to have this case closed before it becomes cold. Find your magnifying glass for this upcoming Hindi whodunnit series lead by Tanya Maniktala.

Release Date: 3 November


Aarya Season 3 (Disney+Hotstar)

Bollywood royalty Sushmita Sen is gracing screens once again as her empowering avatar Aarya Sareen. The tale of the fierce fighter continues in this Hindi crime thriller series, now having to confront new enemies as well as familiar foes. Can this killer queen continue handling the weight of her crown?

Release Date: 3 November


Apurva (Disney+Hotstar)

One woman will prove no amount of fear will ever flounder her spirit to survive. Tara Sutaria leads in this gritty Hindi thriller that also sees Abhishek Banerjee and Rajpal Yadav in roles you won’t recognise them in. Don’t miss this tale of tenacity that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Release Date: 15 November


Farrey (In cinemas)

Just as our Year 12 students are wrapping up their final exams, one group of Delhi students are just beginning their hustle. Lead by another star from the Khan family, Alizeh Agnihotri is joined by a cast of new faces in this Hindi thriller release. Tangled in a web of schemes and conspiracies, these students will need more than money to manoeuvre their way out of misfortune.

Release Date: 24 November


Lakeerein (In cinemas)

Danger is closer than you think as some find themselves trapped in twisted secrets kept behind closed doors. This upcoming Hindi legal drama will capture audiences in a story that shatters the confines of marriage. Will just be served for a victim forced to find solace in silence?

Release Date: 3 November


Sarabha (In cinemas)

Presenting the untold story of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, a freedom fighter who’s name is etched into the tapestry of India’s history. Witness the undying spirit of one man determined to have his country be back in the hands of its people. This Punjabi period drama is a must-watch for those wanting to keep the legacy of India’s martyrs alive.

Release Date: 3 November


Keedaa Cola (In cinemas)

Who would’ve thought one cockroach and a bottle of cola could cause so much chaos! This Telugu adventure comedy will be bubbling with havoc as one group of misfits take on the challenge of a lifetime. Fasten your seatbelts for this rollercoaster ride that may make your skin crawl.

Release Date: 3 November


Dastaan-E-Sirhind (In cinemas)

It will take a step back in time for a father to connect his son to the history that runs through his veins. Bring the family together as this Punjabi drama will tug the heartstrings of all who have never forgotten the home of their heritage.

Release Date: 3 November

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