‘Google my name’: Priyanka Chopra responds to comedian’s TikTok ‘apology’

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Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has responded to American comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s mortifying Tik Tok video apology to her and her husband Nick Jonas.

In the Tik Tok video, O’Donnell shares the embarrassing tale of running into the A-list celebrity couple at Nobu Malibu where she approached Priyanka Chopra saying she knew her “father”, Deepak Chopra, the acclaimed spiritual and self-help writer.

“My name is Rosie O’Donnell and I just embarrassed my son, his girlfriend, and Fran Drescher,” she said in the video.

“Because seated next to us at Nobu, was Nick Jonas and his wife ‘someone’ Chopra who I always assumed was Deepak Chopra’s daughter.”

O’Donnell goes on to share the awkward encounter and how she was enlightened by the former Miss World (2000) that ‘Chopra’ was a common Indian surname.

The American comedian then goes on to ask her followers on TikTok, “Didn’t you think Priyanka Chopra was Deepak Chopra’s daughter? Am I the only one who thought that?”

But what makes it worse, is when she offers an apology to Nick Jonas and ‘the Chopra wife’.

‘Priyanka’ wasn’t mentioned once in the video.

Without naming her, Chopra responded to O’Donnell’s apology through an Instagram story and a graceful one at that.

She shared her thoughts starting with how she doesn’t expect everyone to know who she is or her work, however, when apologising publicly for a “very awkward” private matter, she expected differently.

“I think probably best to take the time to Google my name before doing it or even try to reach out directly,” she wrote to her 74.5 million Instagram followers.

“We ALL deserve to be respected for our unique individuality and to not be referred to as ‘someone’ or ‘wife’, especially in a sincere apology.”

She coolly adds, “Not all Chopras are related to the great Deepak, just as not all Smiths are related to the legendary Will Smith.”

priyanka chopra instagram story
(Source: Instagram)

The American comedian O’Donnell also uploaded a second apology video on TikTok, naming Priyanka and apologising to her.

People are unsure of what was worse, the awkward encounter, or the apologies for it.

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