Goan singer Carlton Braganza in Australia

Goan singer Carlton Braganza ends world tour with shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

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Having entertained virtual fans from his bedroom in Bangalore for two years during the COVID lockdown, Goan singer Carlton Braganza enthralled audiences during his recent
three-week tour in Australia.

Carlton Braganza arrived in Australia after successful shows in the US, Latin America, Europe (including Portugal), where he was able to connect in person with his fans and music lovers.

Carlton Braganza poses with a cheerful audience
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The three-city tour in Australia began with his first show in Melbourne, followed by Sydney and Brisbane. Carlton Braganza in Australia did not disappoint the packed audiences in all three cities and sang from a rich repertoire of music from the 1970s and 1980s.

During his three-hour concert in Brisbane, Carlton had almost everyone on their feet as they danced, cheered and had a fantastic time. Besides the popular tunes of yesteryears like ‘Top of the world’, ‘Rivers of Babylon’, and ‘Country Roads’, Carlton also threw in some Konkani songs which went down very well with the predominantly Konkani-speaking crowd.

“The decision to leave the Brisbane show as a BYO (Bring Your Own) food and drinks added to the homely feel for the evening turning the Wavell Heights Community hall into a picnic paradise,” recounted Ruth De Barros, one of the organisers in Brisbane along with Fatima Pinto, Jane D’Silva and Alzira D’Souza.

Carlton Braganza in frame with fans
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“In a short span of time, it was almost like everyone knew everyone. Food kept getting shared and toasts were raised evident from the clinking of glasses around the hall. And Carlton kept leaving the comfort of the stage to join the crowds on the dance floor and sang with them and to them.”

Joining Carlton Braganza on stage was Australian country music royalty John McSweeney, who proved that age is no barrier to music. Singing a couple of popular tracks, they duo had the crowd cheering and singing along.

To the uninitiated, Carlton Braganza gave them everything they needed to make it a memorable evening. And to those that have heard him before, it was an absolute pleasure to be entertained by the star himself.

In Melbourne, the Goan Ozzie Association of Melbourne invited local band ‘Codamix’, DJ Ben along with guest artistes from Sydney ‘The Warrens’ to share stage with Carlton Braganza, who has established the music club ‘Opus’ in Bangalore and ‘Jukebox Jammies ‘.

In Sydney, the event was put together by the Bandra friends, Lucia and Marianne, and it was at Madison Function Centre in Dural. About 100 people were in attendance and some came from as far as Darwin and Auckland.

Plenty of spot prizes were given out and there was a jive competition as well. Carlton kept everyone on the dance floor for three hours, with all kinds of requests that came in. To make the event memorable, there was plenty of talent to join Carlton Braganza in Australia.

Marianne and the Saldanha family put together a choir called ‘Gun and Roses’ and did a three-song set of old swing jazz favourites. Chloe and Chevonne joined Carlton with a song.

There was plenty of interaction, meeting of fans, selfies, dance music and a fun night to remember for a long time.

Carlton Braganza poses with Australian fans
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John McSweeney on Carlton Braganza

The renowned Australian country music singer John McSweeney, who jammed with Carlton Braganza at the show in Brisbane, was full of praise for the Goan singer.

Carlton Braganza along with Australian country music singer John McSweeney and his wife, Kay.

In a recorded video message, John said, “My wife Kay and I were invited to a concert in Brisbane, put on by Carlton Braganza, an Indian singer that I had never heard of. It was just a great night. Carlton has a great voice. He sings all types of songs and I just couldn’t believe (his) range, from old country and modern country, to rock n roll.”

“His voice is just so strong and powerful. He should bring out an album, because I’m sure it would sell wherever he goes,” added John, who has performed throughout Australia and also in Nashville USA.

“He joined in with me and we did about three songs. I’m sure Carlton could go anywhere and work anywhere, no matter what the audience could be. His personality was great, he got down on the dance floor and was singing while people were dancing. It was a wonderful night.”

Carlton Braganza meeting Australian fans
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“I would encourage people to go and see Carlton Braganza, if he were to perform in their area, as it would be well worth it. I have been in the entertainment business for 58 years and have worked with lots and lots of singers. Carlton is definitely right up there with them, because of the range of songs he sings and his powerful voice,” added John.

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