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On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Melbourne Tullamarine Airport radiated a remarkable burst of vibrancy and energy, captivating the attention of all who arrived at its premises.  

 The usual ‘look’ of the airport was surpassed as an explosion of captivating coloursorange, white, and green decorated (almost) every corner. But it wasn’t just the visual spectacle that elevated the atmosphere to new heights a symphony of Indian singing and dancing filled the air, infusing the venue with a transferrable liveliness. 

What is Modi Airways?  

Modi Airways embarked on an extraordinary journey to transport 174 passengers from Melbourne to Sydney. Their destination was the eagerly awaited and highly prestigious “Australia Welcomes Modi: A Community Reception in Honour of the Prime Minister of India,” hosted at Sydney’s renowned Qudos Bank Arena. This momentous activity, made possible through the collaborative efforts of Gaura Travel, Indian Australian Diaspora Foundation (IADF), and Australia’s largest airline Qantas Airways, marked a milestone in intercontinental travel.  

With the clock striking 9:00 am, Melbourne’s bustling Tullamarine Airport witnessed an awe-inspiring sight as the specially designated “Modi Airways” aircraft commenced its journey to Sydney. Excitement and anticipation radiated from the passengers, their hearts brimming with joy and pride at the prospect of attending such a momentous event. 

Gaura Travel
Passengers of Modi Airways waiting to board the flight at the Melbourne International Airport (Source: Supplied)

Looking back 

Chartering flights is not something new for Gaura Travel. Looking back, during the pandemic when the borders were closed, it became near impossible to embrace loved ones in person. However, Gaura Travel proudly came to the rescue by bringing estranged hearts back together. By securing deals with various airlines and the relevant government agencies, Gaura Travel was able to arrange a number of charter flights between Australia and India, until November 1, 2021, when the borders finally reopened. 

Between 2020 and 2021, Gaura Travel flew 102 charter flights, reuniting over 20,000 separated families. Gaura Travel clearly shed a light of hope for those who desired to be closer to their family and friends at home. As a result, Gaura Travel earned a commendable appearance from the Indian High Commissioner and rose to the top of the Indian repatriation Charter Flight market. 

About the community reception 

 The event itself, organised by the IADF, stood as a profound tribute to the esteemed Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Supported by various Welcome Partner Organisationsand a dedicated team of local volunteers, the reception served as a platform to highlight the shared values of democracy, inclusive economic development, and mutual respect between Australia and India. The IADF, a notable non-profit organisation, actively fosters collaboration and cooperation among Indian-Australian entities, forging regional ties and expanding opportunities for engagement with India. 

PM Modi’s visit to Australia has evoked immense interest and a sense of solidarity among the Indian community residing Down Under. The community reception in Sydney on May 23 drew a large gathering of over 20,000 Indian diaspora members, who eagerly awaited the Prime Minister’s presence. This event generated significant enthusiasm among supporters of Modi in Australia. 

All in all 

The collaboration between Gaura Travel, IADF, and various partner organisations has not only facilitated seamless travel arrangements, but also provided a platform to celebrate the enduring friendship between Australia and India. The success of this effort demonstrates the commitment to strengthening bilateral ties, fostering cultural exchange, and nurturing the vibrant Indian diaspora in Australia. 

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