Hospital in Surat, India records 31 births in 24 hours

Diamond Hospital welcomed 17 girls and 14 boys in 24 hours, a historic triumph against ongoing gender bias and female infanticide.

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In a historic milestone for Diamond Hospital in Surat, a remarkable record of 31 births in a single day has been achieved, marking a momentous day for both the hospital and the local community.

Amid the joyous celebrations, the hospital resonated with the cries of 17 girls and 14 boys. Renowned for its commitment to promoting gender equality and health, Diamond Hospital has gained prominence for its unique initiative that strikes at the heart of societal norms.

With 17 of the 31 newborns delivered being daughters, this record underscores a commendable gender ratio that aligns seamlessly with the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter) campaign, a hospital official said.

The hospital extends its generosity by refraining from charging parents a single rupee if a daughter is born, thereby challenging conventional notions and fostering a spirit of inclusivity. Nevertheless, the hospital maintains that its steadfast dedication to maternal and infant well-being remains unwavering. The cost for a normal delivery stands at 1,800 rupees (approximately AUD $34) while a caesarean delivery is priced at 5,000 rupees (approximately AUD $94) , enabling access to quality healthcare for all.

A hospital official said that “a defining aspect of Diamond Hospital’s mission lies in its determination to address the issue of gender bias head-on”.

For every couple blessed with more than one daughter, the hospital presents a bond of 1 lakh rupees (approximately AUD $1880) to each daughter, marking a commitment to a future of equal opportunities. A staggering 20 crore rupees worth of bonds (approximately AUD $376000) have already been bestowed upon 2,000 daughters, further solidifying the hospital’s pledge towards creating a more equitable society.

Dinesh Navadia, the Trustee of Diamond Hospital, expressed his elation at the jubilant atmosphere that enveloped the hospital on this monumental day.

The hospital management said that the record birth of these 31 babies, all healthy and happy, stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Surat hospital’s medical team.

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