Finding paradise

With a surface area the size of Europe, French Polynesia consists of 118 islands that dot the Pacific Ocean forming five archipelagos, including the remote Marquesas.Having long been known as Henua Enana (Land of...

Falling in love with Falls Creek

Victoria’s favourite snow destination is perfect for those of us from India who have not had a snow experience before, writes PREETI JABBAL

Just Peru-sing

The history of the Incan empire and Spanish colonialism still runs through Peru’s contemporary urban metropolises, writes SANDIP HOR

Across Australia’s heartland

Proceeding along Broken Hill’s main street, I asked a local, wearing the distinctive broad bushman’s hat, where I could get good coffee. ‘Silly Goat’ was a response open to interpretation, though soon afterwards I...

Hello, Rio!

Music, football and passion are always in fashion in this Brazilian metropolis, writes SANDIP HOR

You bea-ooty

Combining Raj-era charm with natural beauty, Ooty offers greener pastures for the weary traveller, writes PETRA O'NEILL

Crowning glory at the crossroads

Located at the border of Europe and Asia, the underexplored Caucasus region is a richly rewarding travel experience, writes SANDIP HOR

Kia ora Auckland!

Wedged between two harbours, Waitemata, which spills into Hauraki Gulf on the east coast, and Manukau, opening out to the dramatic black sand beaches of the west coast, Auckland is known as the City...

Singapore sling!

More than just a stopover destination, this island nation offers culture, history and affordable luxury, writes SANDIP HOR

Say G'day!

We ask Indian tourists who visited over the summer, what they have loved most about their time in Australia