Bite-size trips, conscious dining score big in Gen-Z travel

Unique stays are increasingly popular among young travellers, so are dining experiences

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Unique stays are increasingly popular among young travellers, so are dining experiences

From the rise of minimalist getaways to vegan-friendly food experiences, travellers are seeking more unique, transformative and unforgettable experiences they are willing to pay for.

As per a recent Airbnb survey, about 58 per cent of Indians prefer to spend their money on experiences over things, and 65 per cent plan to increase their spending on experiences in 2020, particularly women and young adults.

As per the travel platform, a top trend observed this year relates to long weekends, tiny homes and road trips.

“With sustainable travel in focus, more travellers are taking the minimalist approach when it comes to planning their getaways this year. 28 per cent of people in India would most like to spend their money taking a trip within 100 miles of home.

“More guests are also exploring destinations by car, with searches for listings with free parking up 46 per cent. The downsized lifestyle is also appealing to travellers around the globe, with miniature, simplistic and efficient spaces like shepherd’s huts and tiny homes trending up 112 per cent and 85 per cent from 2019 to 2020, respectively,” it said.

The company also said that as the world becomes more conscious about its dietary habits, people are seeking more plant based food experiences. On its own platform, it saw a 579 per cent jump in experiences offering vegan options, in 2019 compared to 2018.

For a vegan, carb-loving traveller, India offers a scintillating variety of cooking experiences with everything from rotis and paranthas to an introduction to three types of dosa, to pakora with a side of masala chai.

Overall, food remains one of the biggest motivations in travel and connecting people to new places, as food and drink experiences remain the most booked category by foreign travellers to a new country.

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