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Kristen Dias is the cofounder of Khushee Indian Food along with her husband Kayden who's the chef. A lifelong learner, she loves travel and adventure. Kristen loves writing about her experiences in India, the memories she made and what they taught her. She lived in Bangalore, India for 6 years where she met and married Kayden. With a career in education, Kristen has taught Science for over 15 years, including at an international school in India.
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Manna Dey

Manna Dey: The singer who never got his due

  In his over half-a-century-long Hindi film career, he sang more than a thousand songs, but just three serve to demonstrate his position in the...
Sri Om Care’s Assisted Living; Aged Care

Aged care facility for South Asian seniors gets off the ground

  This week, a 2022 election promise made by Labor towards ethno-specific aged care came to fruition. As the foundation tile was unveiled for Sri Om...
Just Meat; Aarti Tobin

CSIRO’s Aarti Tobin: Innovating the future of protein

  At Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, Dr Aarti Tobin, with her decades of expertise in food technology, stands at the forefront of a revolution. Her...
Sarah Todd's Meghalaya

From Mackay to Meghalaya: Sarah Todd’s culinary adventure

  The seven-episode culinary series Hills on a Plate: Meghalaya Chef Wars on India’s JioCinema, had me, a die-hard foodie, hooked right from the word...
Bridgerton review

A brutally honest review of Bridgerton Season 3

  Ok, dearest gentle reader, the scandalous streets of Regency-era London have been buzzing once again with the release of Bridgerton Season 3. Amidst the...
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