Thursday, January 21, 2021

Articles by Darshak Mehta

Stop this China obsession, India is more your cup of chai

$44 million to appease China? Or to reward China for political interference in our democracy? It was with a mixture of interest and horror...

Is this the fillip that Test cricket needs?

As India and Australia prepare to meet in the third Test match, a thoughtful DARSHAK MEHTA worries for the manner in which the noble game is being played 

A cinematic treat for the soul

This year’s SFF includes some quality Indian elements, writes DARSHAK MEHTA

The death that stopped a nation

Despite his success in the big smoke, Phillip Hughes never lost his country kid charm, writes DARSHAK MEHTA

SFF a success

The festival had quality cinematic soul food, where were the desis? By DARSHAK MEHTA

The euphoria is scary

The excitement and the jubilation notwithstanding, some aspects of Modi’s win could be cause for concern. By DARSHAK MEHTA

Indian Consulate and its office

DARSHAK MEHTA reports on an est $9 million vacant property owned by the Indian govt, while Sydney’s Indian consulate pays rent

An old head on young shoulders

Devanand Sharma is the new Australian Ambassador to Israel. DARSHAK MEHTA tells us more

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washington sundar

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WATCH: Day 5 of the Gabba Test in 8 minutes

  Even those only remotely interested in cricket tuned in, and stayed glued to their screens yesterday. Has Test cricket ever been this interesting? From wickets...

Reliving the Gabba Test

  Chasing down a total of 328 at The Gabba, Australia's fortress for the last 33 years, the Indian team defied all odds to win...

A poetic tribute to Team India

  Since invincible Team India played an utterly exhausting four-Test series with the deciding Test at a venue at which Australia had not lost in...