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Whether you binge it or cringe at it, the summer of love is here! After the UK version of reality show Love Island wrapped up in August, fans have been yearning for more. With season 3 of Love Island Australia returning to TV screens this week, audiences were treated to some much awaited drama.

The latest season also features its first participant of Fijian-Indian descent Ari Kumar, who is a 26-year-old web content publisher from the Gold Coast. She was born and raised in New Zealand, has been single for seven years and is a big supporter of onscreen diversity, which pushed her to join the reality show.

As South Asians, we tend to be more conservative and can shy away from such public displays, but Ari (like Niranga from the Bachelorette) has put herself out there, braving all judgement, to look for love in front of the whole country!

She hopes her involvement helps other young women from the community feel seen on mainstream media, she told Refinery Australia.

Two episodes in, Ari has already managed to call three guys on the show ‘daddy’ and in true Love Island fashion, was coupled up with a man who got snatched by a newcomer.

Our girl might just be kicked off the show unless finds a new hunk TONIGHT. Until episode 3 airs at 8:45 pm this evening, these tweets from viewers should satiate your hunger for what comes next.

What do you think is going to happen tonight? Tell us in the comments!

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