Rohan Laxmanalal: Whether we like it or not, politics affects us all

Lower profile but high credentials (in) education and community work: Granville's Rohan Laxmanalal, Animal Justice Party Candidate

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Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Rohan Laxmanalal: I have lived in my electorate for over 20 years and this election will mark my fifth time running as a candidate for a Western Sydney seat. I was an Opportunity Class (OC) and Selective High School student with a background in Finance and Mathematics and currently specialising in renewable energy and environmental markets. I have not consumed meat, dairy, eggs for nearly 5 years in a bid to reduce my risk of heart disease when I am older which is common on my father’s side of the family and many males from the subcontinent. I am also well versed on the ethical and environmental impact of a meat/dairy based diet and try to pass on my knowledge and experience to the community as much as I can during my spare time. Outside of this, I enjoy hanging out with my sister’s dogs, playing tennis, watching cricket/rugby league and learning more about fitness and nutrition. 

What would you say are the three main issues concerning the voters this election? 

Rohan Laxmanalal: Cost of living, climate change and health. 

Why politics? What convinced you to join the party of your choice? 

Rohan Laxmanalal: Whether we like it or not, politics affects us all. The major parties have been so incompetent and corrupt over the years. I joined the Animal Justice Party as they aligned with my vegan values, and do not accept donations from property developers or industries such as tobacco, liquor & gambling 

Rohan Laxmanalal
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There’s been much discussion about better representation in politics: more women, more people of colour, more migrants. And yet high-profile mainstream politicians continue to be parachuted in, even in migrant-heavy seats. What are your thoughts here? 

Rohan Laxmanalal: Personally, I think it’s very fake when the major party candidates dress up in cultural outfits. They never did that before running as a candidate, so clearly it’s of no interest to them other than votes! It is disheartening watching voters (especially those from the minorities mentioned) gravitate towards these high-profile candidates who represent parties with a weak track record/policy on the two most important issues in our time: human health and climate change. I will continue to raise awareness around this in my community and show them the value of voting for someone like myself with a lower profile but high credentials when it comes to education and work in the community. 

What do you think are the pressing needs of the Indian Australian / South Asian community? 

Rohan Laxmanalal: The quest for equal opportunity and removing racial bias as echoed by the cricketer Usman Khawaja. 

Who inspires you?

Rohan Laxmanalal: Sadhguru, Novak Djokovic, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Andrew Huberman 

What are you reading atm? Watching? Listening to?   

Rohan Laxmanalal: Listening to Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins on Audible and watching Huberman Lab Podcast #84 – Sleep Toolkit: Tools for Optimizing Sleep & Sleep-Wake Timing on YouTube 

Any special message for the voters? 

Rohan Laxmanalal: We need more MPs like Emma Hurst and have our community understand the power of their vote and how preferential voting works as the Animal Justice Party explained well in last year’s Federal Election. Volunteers like myself will need to work harder to educate the community that a #1 vote for a minor party is not a wasted vote. 

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