Act of kindness: 13 prisoners in Dubai fly home scot-free

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Joginder Singh Salaria A Dubai-based Indian businessman purchased one-way flight tickets for 13 prisoners facing deportation to help them fly back home.

Joginder Singh Salaria

The prisoners from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Afghanistan, Nigeria, China, and Ethiopia were released on Monday upon completion of their jail term.

“Unfortunately, the men could not afford to pay for the air tickets. Dubai Police works with PCT Humanity on several charitable activities, including blood donation campaigns. Now, we are providing travel assistance to 13 people from different countries so they can fly home to meet with their families,” Joginder Singh Salaria, the Chairman and Managing Director of Pehal International Transport and founder of Pehal Charitable Trust (PCT Humanity) told the Khaleej Times.

“Police authorities provided us with a list of names of prisoners. Most of the convicts were jailed for committing minor crimes such as overstay cases and small disputes with their employers. They did not have anyone to help them out,” he added.

Dubai Police, according to Salaria, were very cooperative and supporting in this endeavour.

Earlier this year, Salaria installed over 60 hand pumps in a poverty-stricken district of Pakistan’s Sindh province.

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