5 reasons why handwriting is still important in the digital age

Put down your smartphone and break out the ink instead because it’s National Handwriting Day on Tuesday 23rd January!

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According to John Johnston, Marketing Manager for Pilot Pen Australia, although technology has completely revolutionised the way we now live, learn and work; good old fashioned handwriting still holds an important place in our society.

“A lot people have been swept up by all the convenient digital devices, particularly in business and education, but our recent Pilot Pen sales indicate there’s been a renewed love for writing by hand,” says Johnston.

“Handwriting has not only been proven to have many benefits over typing, but it’s also now become a trendy art form – ironically thanks to the popularity of showcasing gratitude quotes and other beautiful calligraphy on social media.”

Still need an incentive to pick up your pens? Here are five reasons why handwriting continues to be both relevant and important in this digital age:


1.      You retain the information better

A Pilot Pen survey found that 62 per cent of Australians preferred handwriting lists because they were easier to refer to, while 82 per cent were able to remember something better if they had written it down rather than typed.

Another recent study of 650 students in ten different countries found that handwriting was also favoured because of its ability to help them retain more knowledge; with other scientific research by the University of California proving that laptop note taking was less effective than longhand note taking in students because of the tendency to transcribe verbatim rather than process information and reframe in their own words.


2.      It encourages ownership

David Carman, managing director of executive training company, Realise Now, believes that taking notes with a pen and paper involves an anchoring process which not only helps retain information, but also gives a sense of ownership that encourages action and follow-through.


3.      You engage better

How many meetings have you been in where people are staring at their phones before it’s even started? Valuable networking opportunities are lost this way, not to mention the distraction that comes from technology devices when you could be really listening, fully present, engaging and connecting with who and what’s happening at that moment. It’s also been proven that children learn to write better when forming letters by hand rather than typing; which is beneficial for spelling, grammar and vocabulary.


4.      It’s fun and inspirational

Receiving a handwritten letter or card in the post is so much more exciting than getting an email or text, and who doesn’t love a little surprise note left by a loved one around the house?

It’s also easy to get sidetracked by all the whiz-bang apps, virtual videos and latest gadgets; but in doing so we often forget the simple stuff which is where true innovation, inspiration and creativity comes from.


5.      It makes a statement

Does a president sign a treaty via email confirmation? No, they use a fountain pen. Handwriting has become a choice with pens, now a smart accessory so whether it’s taking notes at a business meeting, writing a to-do list or penning a heartfelt letter; handwriting shows class, thoughtfulness and intention.


Don’t forget to pick up your pen this National Handwriting Day!

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