12 yo Janaki moves judges to tears on The Voice Australia

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Performing on The Voice, Janaki Easwar has shocked judges and viewers after her outstanding cover of ‘Lovely’ by Billie Eilish, with some Indian links thrown in.

The 12-year-old’s appearance on the show, including a full Carnatic number sung at judge Guy Sebastian’s request, is currently wowing Australia’s Indian community who just cannot get enough of her.

Janaki became the youngest singer ever to audition on Channel 7’s singing competition. Her cover of American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish’s ‘Lovely’ not only forced all four judges to smash their buttons, but also moved them all to a standing ovation!

Eilish, known for shooting to fame at 16 for her incredibly unique vocals, and singer Khalid released the single ‘Lovely’ in April 2018 to be included in the second season of the series 13 Reasons Why.

The song itself is a challenging one with high and low notes close together – only a seasoned performer could get them all right and still sound effortless.

As the audience bathed in the splendour of her strong and mature voice, it’s safe to say that judges Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian and Keith Urban were blown away, and could barely believe she was not even a teenager yet!

Judge Guy Sebastien complimented Janaki’s ad libbing in the song and remarked, ‘I could tell it was a real musician up there’.

For the performance, Janaki was dressed in a lovely white pavada with gold zari paired with a black lace top.

Judge Guy Sebastien complimented Janaki’s ad libbing in the song and remarked, ‘I could tell it was a real musician up there’.

While pointing out his own Indian heritage he sort of put Janaki on the spot by requesting her to sing a classical Indian piece for everyone.

To everyone’s shock and awe, Janaki performed a stunning piece of Carnatic music which brought everyone in the room to tears. The short piece will probably be the purest and most pleasant 22 seconds of your day.

But Janaki’s mum, clearly her biggest fan, was probably thinking, You aint seen nothing yet.

All four judges fought hard to have our girl Janaki on their team.

“You’re super duper young, which is tricky, but if you have the right guidance and protection, which you do; you have incredible parents there, who are laughing and crying at the same time!” Ora said. “You also just want to have a good time. I don’t think you have any idea actually how good you really are, that what’s so endearing about you.”

“Whoever you choose as your coach will be very lucky. I hope and pray it’s me,” she added.

Even judge Jess felt reminded of her Indonesian influences growing up and felt a connection to Janaki’s talent, she added that she’d love to hold her hand and be her coach.

Judge Keith told Janaki that he has a 12-year-old daughter at home, and knows what it’s like to help them with their goals and also offered to mentor Janaki.

However, after careful consideration Janaki eventually chooses Team Jess.

The reactions of Janaki’s parents were sweet cut-aways from her amazing live performance. You could clearly see the love on their faces, and that they were super proud of their prodigy daughter.

They can rest assured, Janaki has proved early on that she is one to watch out for.

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