Zomi Frankcom lives on – in a giant Melbourne mural

The life of Zomi Frankcom, a selfless advocate for peace, celebrated in new mural in Melbourne.

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“Thlamuangin chawl rawh se”. That’s what we’d say about Zomi Frankcom in her native Mizo language: May she rest in peace.

A giant mural has come up in Melbourne’s CBD, as a tribute to Zomi, who lost her life in war-torn Gaza as she worked with the World Central Kitchen (WCK)

It is painted by artist Peter Seaton (CTO Art) in memory of Zomi near Southern Cross station on La Trobe Street. Peter was deeply moved by the conflicts and wars happening around the world and felt compelled to speak out through his art. Inspired by her selfless actions, he created the Zomi Frankcom mural as a tribute to her and a symbol of his commitment to peace.

Artist Peter Seaton
Artist Peter Seaton on his mural dedicated to Zomi Frankcom (Source: Supplied)

Adding weight to the tribute, the #DPCW hashtag represents the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, a global initiative initiated by the non-partisan international non-profit HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), to cease conflict through law. As a legal framework for peace, #DPCW lays out principles to prevent conflicts, promote peaceful coexistence, and build a culture of peace. With ten articles addressing conflict resolution, it bans the use of force, encourages peaceful dispute resolution, and supports interfaith dialogue. The goal is lasting peace by tackling root causes of conflict and promoting cooperation among nations.

Zomi’s courageous actions, immortalised in art, serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of promoting peace and ending human rights abuses worldwide.

Artist Peter Seaton painting Zomi Frankcom mural
Artist Peter Seaton painting the Zomi Frankcom mural (Source: Supplied)

The Zomi Frankcom mural was completed with support from the HWPL. Internationally and within Australia, HWPL is affiliated with various local communities, policy-makers, ethnic groups, youth and women organisations, religious people and media to promote multicultural harmony and sustainable peace.

“We’ve partnered with this non-partisan charity to promote the DPCW as a solution to wars,” stated Peter. “The significance of the DPCW couldn’t be understated as a declaration on a legislative level, resolving conflicts through the pen rather than the rifle of a gun”

Zomi Frankcom Mural
Melbourne’s mural dedicated Zomi Frankcom (Source: Supplied)

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