Yoga, dance, craft make workshop fun for kids

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Children’s holiday workshop conducted by IAAFA reports PRANAV SHIVASHANKAR

The Indian Arts And Film Association (IAAFA) conducted a very successful Children’s Holiday Workshop between April 16-20. During five fun-filled days of activities, children from 5 to 14 years of age, were inducted into a range of activities which were designed towards improving their social skills and giving them a chance to develop their potential towards future opportunities. Their enthusiasm was apparent as the children arrived bright eyed and happy each morning to begin the day with a heart-healthy yoga session conducted by professionals in the yoga industry.

Apart from yoga, the children were exposed to a wide variety of dance techniques including line dancing, Bollywood dance and pop dance, to name a few. They were also able to harness their artistic and creative abilities as they eagerly participated in arts, crafts, jewellery and clay modelling lessons, creating their own mementos from these classes, and showing them to their admiring parents. In addition, the children had the opportunity to present their own vocal talents in a singing activity where they learnt how to improve not only their singing, but also their public speaking and presenting abilities. A visit from the local Scouts and Guides Club encompassed a series of activities that allowed the children to learn about the importance of teamwork and co-operation. To expose them to their Australian heritage, a member of the native community was invited to visit the children, and display and explain to them a variety of aboriginal arts and instruments, and their uses.

On the final day, Ms Melissa Monteiro, Executive Director from the Migration Resources Centre and Ms Alison Rahil, Actu Community Organiser presented the children with certificates during the presentation. “I am very proud of the high level of achievement all you at the IAAFA have achieved,” said Ms. Monteiro. “My thanks to the youth volunteers, the IAAFA programme organised and of course, to the children, for coming together and making this programme an outstanding success.”

It was the collective effort of core members of IAAFA – Balaji Venkatarangan, Jay Hosur, Siddique Panwala and Shiva Basavaraj, along with support of very active youth volunteers and parents, who were instrumental in conducting this programme from start to finish in a very successful and organised manner, which was appreciated not just be the guest attending, but also by the parents.

They look forward to upcoming events from IAAFA.

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