Woolworths Cricket Blast is back!

Woolworths Cricket Blast is the perfect program to get your kids active with the community this Summer.

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Nothing unites Australia and India like their passion for cricket. The game is now helping bring local communities together as kids learn the sport.  Cricket Australia’s entry-level program Woolworths Cricket Blast (WWCB) is a great place for 5 to 10-year-old children to learn cricket skills and, just as importantly, to do so in a fun, caring and inclusive environment.

It’s short, sharp 60-minute sessions are a stark contrast to long, hot days in the sun that cricket is synonymous with. Its foundational basics are a common springboard for kids to go on to representative cricket honours.

Vinay Tripathi is a Melbourne-based cricket coach, enthusiast and father of three. He recently shared his experiences of WWCB with IndianLink Radio.

“I have three kids and from the age of five they have been in WWCB,” said Vinay.

“The learning they received – the fun, the excitement – and the opportunity to meet people the same age and enjoy the game, is amazing.”

“WWCB plans these activities in a very fun way so it’s not like you go out there and do standard cricket exercises and drills.”

“While they are learning skills of cricket, they are having fun and enjoying themselves which makes this a really great initiative. My kids have absolutely loved it from their earliest days.”

Vinay found his local WWCB has helped create a welcoming environment for both kids and their families.

“I think sport really unites communities,” he says.

“For kids and adults, this is a great opportunity to bring everyone together.”

Kids excited playing cricket
Source: Cricket Australia

Another benefit for kids is the friendship and camaraderie that comes from playing a team sport.

“Team sport teaches you to play for each other and not just be an individual,” says Vinay.

“I think when kids play as a team they learn to share and enjoy the process, not just to be happy about the result of the game.”

“I think this is very important for every sport lover.”

There are two WWCB – Junior Blasters for 5 to 7-year-olds and Master Blasters for 7 to 10-year-olds.

“WWCB gives children their first taste of cricket and what cricket it is all about as a fun activity,” says Vinay.

“If they enjoy it, they can move on to club cricket and play more competitive games.”

Vinay says the program has provided some wonderful memories for his family.

“When I see (my children) enjoying the game they love, the game I love, and just being themselves whether they’re batting or bowling it’s a great moment for me.”


Whether it’s your first time with a bat or you’re a backyard cricket star, the Woolworths Cricket Blast program has something for everyone.

Woolworths Cricket Blast gives kids the chance to learn, laugh and grow — all while playing a sport they love.

Visit playcricket.com.au to learn more or sign your child up today!

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