WATCH: Hindi poem about women empowerment

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Ever have those days where nothing is going your way? You feel demotivated and wonder, “what’s the point?”.

The last couple of weeks in Australia have been especially difficult, the topics being discussed in the media have been emotionally taxing for women.

But not to worry, we have the perfect fix for such moods!

This Hindi poem titled ‘Aadhi Aabadi Puri Aazadi’ (half the population, full freedom) by Rishabh Mishra and voiced by Divya Agrawal is a wake-up call.

This video about women empowerment is a good reminder that YOU can do ANYTHING. It restores your self worth and reminds you that you are 100% that B!

Baat kal kuch aur this, phir se aaj mauka hai

Kamar kass le aaj se, ladna hai tujhe jahaan se!

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