WATCH: Comedian Jose Covaco responds to Zomato’s ’10 min delivery’

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In case you missed it, food aggregator Zomato faced widespread criticism in India this week when it announced the rollout of Zomato Instant, a 10 minute food delivery service for quick snacks.

It announced its plans to set up small ‘stations’ that work as mini kitchens for food like patties, snacks, and tea.

Not only were people concerned about how this could impact the safety of Zomato delivery riders in a rush on roads, but many deemed it simply unnecessary. Indian businessman Suhel Seth took to social media to criticise the move, stating: “More than anything, it will endanger the lives of both riders as also people on roads and so something best avoided. No one is in such a rush or such an idiot to decide what to eat only 10 mins before!”

Still, social media users had a field day with this bizarre announcement and Indian comedian Jose Covaco (who you might recognise from his MTV days) couldn’t help but join in the fun:


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Here’s what other social media users thought…

And in case you were wondering, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal eventually had to step in to clarify Zomato’s plan. Here’s what he said:

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