Valentine’s Day: Dos and Don’ts

Don't know what to get your significant other for Valentine's Day? Take a look at the list of gift ideas


What women want: Sugar and spice and everything nice, like…

~Red, succulent roses in full bloom, accompanied by
~Pamper packs
~Spa treatments
~Liqueur chocolates
~New clothes, shoes, accessories, or even better, a nice, generous gift voucher
~A romantic candlelight dinner at a gourmet restaurant
~A day without the kids

lawn mowerDon’t you dare get her….

~Cheap costume jewellery
~Anti-ageing cosmetics
~A vacuum cleaner or blender or dishwasher
~A new lawn mower
~Cookery lessons or books (unless she genuinely likes cooking)
~Books on how to get organised, run a family or deal with behavioral problems in kids
~A DIY toolkit
~The latest in mop technology
~Dinner from KFC
~Pamper packs that cost less than $10

Valentine’s Day.Indian Link

What men want: frogs and snails and puppy dog tails…

~A Ferrari or Harley Davidson … take your pick
~A lifetime subscription to cable TV
~Beer, wine, anything alcoholic
~A gift card from Bunnings
~Dinner from KFC
~Perfume that smells like stinky socks and sweaty t-shirts
~Action movie DVDs, or porn ones
~A lifesize wall calendar from ZOO magazine, featuring some of their pin-up stars
~Season tickets to the AFL, NFL, cricket, whatever their poison
~A night out with the boys, no questions asked

What men don’t want

~A tie with teeny Valentine hearts on it
~Red roses and love poems, unless you enjoy watching him squirm
~Shirts, t-shirts, shoes, accessories that can’t be exchanged
~Diamond jewellery (unless he’s David Beckham)
~Sentimental music CDs
~Wrinkle cream
~A Nasal Technology gift voucher
~Tasteful boxers in flower patterns
~A wedding on the same day as the World Heavyweight Championship
~A day with the kids