Twitter can’t stop loving Ali from Squid Game (Netflix)

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Netflix’s newest original series Squid Game, a Korean psych-thriller, is quickly becoming its most top grossing show EVER released.

If you haven’t already binge-watched it, Squid Game is a nitty-gritty nine-episode series, quite violent, but manages to keep you hooked with its sensational plot and cast. Which brings us to one of the only non-Korean actors in the Squid Game cast, a Pakistani immigrant named Abdul Ali, played by Indian-origin actor Anupam Tripathi.

In the show, Ali is desperate to earn a future not just for his wife and child in Seoul, but also for the rest of his family back home in Pakistan. So, the poor chap volunteers to join the twisted Squid Game.

Tripathi is a rare South Asian presence not just on the show, but the entire Korean TV industry. Nevertheless, he has truly made his mark, since Twitter can’t stop talking about how Ali is the best character on the show. Take a look!


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What did you think of the Squid Game? Did Ali get what he deserved? Tell us in the comments!

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