10 best tweets about Indian Matchmaking on Netflix

The last one is food for thought.

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Indian Matchmaking tweets
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Netizens have turned to Twitter to make funny memes and also call out sexism, colourism and overall toxic attitudes exhibited by the characters on the show. Here’s a list of 10 tweets about Indian Matchmaking, the Netflix show that Indians everywhere can’t stop hate-watching.

1. This Twitter user has had enough of Preeti Aunty’s demands.

2. A tweet that clearly expresses how fed up this user is with the constant colourism in Indian Matchmaking.

3. This thread of tweets by The Bad & Bollywood Podcast highlights Pradhyuman and Guru’s not-so-subtle controlling traits.

4. Bombay peeps, try not to take offense…

5. Akshay is one character on the show everybody loves to hate.

6. *mic drop*

7. Any comments about Pradhyuman’s God wardrobe?

8. Indian Matchmaking host Sima Aunty has given us our new go-to excuse for every situation.

9. Another one.

10. This last thread of tweets by Nikita Doval recounts her first-hand experience of Indian Matchmaking.

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