Trials and tribulations

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As many prepare for their final HSC exams, one student is sad to let go of some of the perks

For all the year twelve students reading this, now that trials are over, it’s time to revise for the HSC. That means countless past papers, revising notes and many late nights spent writing essays. Although I have a lot to do and stress about, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m actually sad that my HSC year is coming to an end. Actually, I think we have to take a moment to be thankful for the HSC. It’s true, over the course of this year, the HSC has given us –

  • A free pass from all chores or housework of any kind
  • An unquestionable excuse to get out of any relative’s party
  • An excuse to prevent any annoying relatives coming to our house (Particularly those with young children who barge into my room and mess everything up)
  • An excuse to leave any irritating guests in the living room so I can go watch Youtube in peace in my bedroom

Ok, I admit it, I might have a problem with my family; I’ve had my room messed up one too many times.

But there’s more, the HSC has given me –

  • Countless trips to KFC and Maccas at a moment’s notice
  • A doting mom who is always understanding and willing to clean my room

Hey, regardless of who actually keeps my room clean, I like it neat ok, it’s the principle!

It has also given me –

  • An excuse to waste, I mean use, thousands of dollars of my parents hard earned money on tutoring and textbooks I will never look at again
  • An excuse to eat badly, sleep badly and not do any exercise at all (besides my desperate walks between the cupboard, fridge, cupboard, fridge)
  • An excuse to not learn how to drive, get a job or contribute in any meaningful way to society
  • A high speed internet connection, which I always use for, let’s face it, Youtube
  • An overseas trip to India at the end of the year
  • Most importantly, an excuse to not give my mum back massages once every two days

While there will be relief when the HSC is finally over for me at the end of October, it’s actually quite a bittersweet moment, I can no longer bludge off my parent’s money, and I have to actually go outside and talk to people. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a couple extra months of school. I guess the only problem I have now is finding a discount wood chipper to rent. Hey, I’m never going to read those text books again, I might as well assist in the recycling process!

I wish you all the best for your HSC and I hope you enjoy the final weeks of school – they’ll be over before you know it.



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