How to transition back to work from office?

According to a study, remote working might be the future of work, but what if you must go to office?

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transition back to work-from-office?

Many of India’s formal-economy workers have spent the past eight weeks working from home, and according to a new survey by IBM, over half of the remote workers want to remain part of a new remote workforce.

“The forced shift to operating as a largely remote workforce has led to nearly 40 percent of respondents indicating they feel strongly that their employer should provide employee opt-in working from home options when returning to normal operations. And working from home appears to be growing on people, as more than 75 percent indicate they would like to continue to work remotely at least occasionally, while more than half – 54 percent – would like this to be their primary way of working,” the IBM study, which had 25,000 respondents, said.

If the nature of your work demands your return to an office space, or if you just cannot wait to transition back to usual routines, here are suggestions that can help you mentally prepare for resuming the work-from-office lifestyle.

“We are facing an unprecedented time in our history and therefore with it, it was natural to feel emotions of anxiety, stress, fear and a general feeling of helplessness. Many clients are sharing their inability to balance their household and work duties. What was easy earlier is now difficult and giving rise to short tempers, obsessive and worrying thoughts about their present and even the future transition to the new normal,” Mayuri Sangharajka Jhaveri, Psychologist and Head, Mpower Cell Management told us.

  • Suit up! Dressing up for work boosted our confidence. Wearing a mask is going to be part of formal wear. Don’t feel odd as everyone will be sporting one.
  • Trust is a two-way road. Trust your employer to follow the guidelines shared by the government to keep all employees safe, thus reducing anxiety about workplace hygiene and safety. Also, you can pitch in with your support to help your organisation effectively enforce these measures. This will help you feel more confident and productive. Civic responsibility is always the key. Follow government guidelines.
  • Transportation facilities may not be possible for all organisations. Don’t consider it an obstacle. Initiate an open discussion with your manager. Communicate plans and work timing. Pre-plan and balance between work from home and office visits.
  • Minimise work travels: Use technology and try to continue working from home with online meetings with external clients. Plan team meetings for shorter durations in small groups. Be selective.
  • Prioritise: Make a list of daily tasks. Going back to the office may help with structure and regularise that which has become out of sync now. Productivity and focus may increase.


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