Tidy up and cook-off by CIISA

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A clean up and a curry picnic were the two events that were enjoyed by members of Club India
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The Youth Club of Club India International SA Inc. (CIISA) undertook a beach cleaning drive at the Grange Jetty along Adelaide West coastline recently. This was the second major event of the youth wing since its the inception.
On a bright and sunny day aided by a cool, gentle breeze, 11 enthusiastic youngsters under the leadership of Allwyn D’Souza, Youth Coordinator of CIISA) covered a long stretch of area across the coastline of Grange beach in a drive to pick up litter consisting of plastic and tin cans, and other debris.
Wearing protective gloves the group scoured the appointed region of the beach in their drive to pick up litter, an initiative that was well received and acknowledged by some patrons going about their day on Grange beach.
The event began with ‘get to know you’ games, following which the youngsters were divided into two teams. As the event progressed, to make for a light and humorous afternoon, each individual was addressed as their favourite item of food, and with names like ‘sushi’, ‘butter chicken’ and ‘pizza’ to name a few, the afternoon gained momentum very quickly. A series of games like cricket, dodge ball, and short sprints had also been organized to for the enthusiastic youngsters.
Lunch was hot ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips from the local deli, organised by Nick Fernandes, Social Coordinator. The games then continued, and refreshments and lollies saw an end to the day. Each of the youngsters then participatd in a short survey, expressing their views on whether they would like to be involved in similar activities in the future.
It was an enjoyable event for the youngsters – Alyse, Nathan and Shireen De Souza, Nicole Fernandes, Jenny Morais, Chris Fernandes, Shane Paul, Karrell Vaz, Samson Fernandes and Allen Anthony John, who were all thanked for their involvement in this Youth Club event.
Club India International SA Inc. also organised their annual curry picnic cum sports day at the Hazelwood Park recently, which was attended by State dignities including South Australia’s Lieutenant Governor, Hieu Van Le; Mayor of the City of Charles Sturt, Mayor Kirsten Alexander; and senior officials from the Department of Immigration.
The event was well attended by senior members of the Club, as well as recent migrants who have now made Australia their home. Maxwell Taylor, President of CIISA welcomed the gathering.
Mr Van Le, Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC), took an interest in understanding the intricacies of various dishes cooked that had their origins in India, as well as the annual cook-off show event.
While the children were entertained with sporting activities, the adults joined in playing other games followed by a round of tug of war and a treasure hunt.
The curry picnic is an annual affair organised by CIISA at which families attempt to cook the best Indian food which is later shared with guests attending.

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