This V'Day, get inked with cupid strikes

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This V'Day, get inked with cupid strikes

For all the definitions of love in the dictionary, the one that resonates the most is that you can’t explain it in words, it’s something you feel with all your heart, why someone triggers those emotions of selflessness; no one knows. It’s a feeling in your bones, a feeling that makes the world go around and back. For everyone in love, it’s an emotion you feel every second and every minute for 365 days in a year, but somehow February 14 just stands out and cries for you to show how much you love that ‘special someone’ in your life.

There are ways and there are things that you can do to make someone feel special, but there are some ways to express the love that leaves everyone speechless if that’s the kind of love you want to express and if that’s the intensity of your love, then getting something permanent, something that stays with you just like your partner is a tattoo.
As the understanding of tattoos and the permanency that comes along with it is better understood by people now, getting one for your partner just makes it that much more special.
There are a variety of tattoo styles that are popular these days.
Name/Date Tattoos – One of the tried and tested styles of getting inked and showing how much you love someone is getting their names inked. Most popular example of this was Saif Ali Khan’s tattoo for his lady love, Kareena Kapoor. You can also get special dates tattooed, birthday anniversary, or the first time you met. These are special memories and moments to cherish.

Tatoo Loves

Matching Tattoos – A lot of people also prefer to find that one common love, the thing that connects them as a tattoo, music notes, objects, hobbies or even anything else symbolic of their love.

Get Inked this Valentine Day

Connecting Tattoos – Love is specific to each and the emotion revolving around it as well, some people preferring getting inked based on themes like Lock and Key, one gets the lock and the other gets a key, depicting the key to their lock lies with the other. Another example is the heartbeats tattoo that runs from one to the other and of course, there are so many personal ways to ink your love.

Matching Tattoos

Minimalistic Tattoos – A lot of people like to keep things simple and personal, nothing to elaborate, visible or bold. For such private and subtle people, the minimalistic tattoos are the best options, small tattoos to define the large amount of love you feel.

Fingerprint Tattoos – Something new and very unique is getting the fingerprint of your partner printed on yourself, it’s like a signature of love inked on you, the ultimate seal of love.

Soundwave Tattoo – This is the most unique form of inking your love. You can have the messages or sound of your special one and hear it anytime you want! This is more like a coded message which no one else can know, but whenever you feel like hearing their sound you can just scan the tattoo and playback.

Pride, LGBT Tattoos – Love should not be defined by the gender of the partners, thankfully the world is evolving and people are accepting love as an emotion and not defining it by the gender of the partners.


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