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The Adelaide centre of BAPS Australia holds its inaugural community dinner, reports RAJINI VASAN

At a recent gala event, the Adelaide centre of BAPS Australia spelled out its aims and activities as an organisation to members of the wider Australian community.

Its inaugural ‘community dinner’ was held at Klemzig Primary School, Klemzig, in late June under the auspices of the current leader of BAPS, His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj. It was aimed at bringing awareness to the guests about BAPS and its activities of selfless service.

Dr Susan Close (Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation, Minister for Automotive Transformation and Minister for the Public Sector), Ms Gillian Aldridge (the Mayor for Salisbury) and Mr Chad Buchanan (Councillor for West Ward) were among the 65 plus guests who attended the dinner. Representatives from various Indian communities were also present.

Guests were made aware about the five core pillars of BAPS; Health Awareness, Educational Services, Humanitarian Relief, Environmental Protection and Preservation, and Community Empowerment. Programs for children and the youth were also outlined as well.

Details were also provided about the forthcoming BAPS Shree Swaminarayan temple at Green Fields.

The prayer for peace and harmony, Shanti Path, was recited, and the BAPS community’s youngest members made a cultural presentation.

The evening was a culinary delight with a range of Indian vegetarian delicacies and desserts prepared and served by a contingent of over 50 BAPS volunteers, a testament to their commitment and dedication to the spirit of service.

BAPS received accolades for its work from all present including a glowing tribute from Minister Susan Close who remarked on how visionary the work of BAPS was and how relevant to the times. Ms Aldridge reiterated Salisbury Council’s commitment to working with BAPS in the realisation of the Mandir project as well as other notable community initiatives.

At the conclusion of the event, mementos were presented to all the invited dignitaries.

The Adelaide centre of BAPS Australia hosts its weekly assembly at Klemzig Primary School. For further information on upcoming events please contact BAPS on adelaidemandirpr@gmail.com.To learn more about BAPS, please refer to www.baps.org

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