The Power of Now

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‘Live in the present’ was the message at AIBC’s Yoga Day celebrations

Is it easier to run faster in an open field or a dense forest? The answer is quite obvious. However, such simple logic evades us when it comes to de-cluttering our minds.
AIBC Yoga Day.Indian Link
We often forget that unburdening of illusory problems creates a clearer path towards contentment and happiness. The human mind tends to oscillate between the past and the future. It gathers the burden of memories, disappointments, and rejections of the past along with worries, fears and anxieties of the future.
“One must disentangle oneself from the past and the future and learn to live in the present,” said Rohit Singla, Art Of Living teacher, and Taranjeet Dimple Garg, Art of Living state coordinator.
The AOL representatives were conducting a program on ‘Succeeding in Leadership, Business, Careers and Meditation’ in collaboration with the Australia India Business Council (AIBC) Victoria Chapter.
The two-hour session was held recently at the MaiTri centre in Richmond as part of AIBC’s International Yoga Day celebrations 2017 on 21 June.

The main aim of the program was to raise consciousness of the participants in order to awaken the higher faculties of our mind and improve aspects of health, particularly stress.

Some breathing and meditation techniques were introduced, along with an invitation to experience the complete AOL Happiness Program to delve deeper into the concept of sudarshan kriya.
The evening commenced with a brief address from Stephen Manallack, former president of AIBC Victoria.
Manallack discussed the importance of core values like generosity (attitude, listening, giving time), ethics (doing no harm) and patience (accepting what we cannot change, allowing others to be who they are).
“People often suffer from delayed happiness syndrome where they aspire for things in future and fail to find happiness in the present moment,” he added.
Manallack shared the story of his personal setbacks and how he overcame them by focussing his mind and utilizing the power of now.

AIBC Yoga Day.Indian Link
Taranjeet Dimple Garg explaining breathing technique to participants

Rashi Kapoor, newly elected president of AIBC, also shared her positive experiences and the learning she gained from the AOL Happiness Program.
The bulk of the evening was dedicated to the calming and restorative benefits of meditation and mind-body fitness that can be gained from yogic concepts.
Integrating physical, mental and spiritual components yoga is designed for the purpose of strengthening, healing and relaxation.
Its effects were evident as some remarkably relaxed participants made their way back home after the therapeutic session.
Photos courtesy of AIBC

Preeti Jabbal
Preeti Jabbal
Preeti is the Melbourne Coordinator of Indian Link.

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