The battle for Western Sydney

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The leading candidates battling it out in Western Sydney discuss issues that affect the people of Batman and their policy priorities

As New South Wales’ fastest growing region, Western Sydney is at the forefront of the 2016 federal election campaign. In what looks to be a war of attrition and competing ideologies, both the Liberal and Labor parties are working hard to persuade swinging voters. Indian voters, many of them migrants with no particular affinity to any party, often fall into that category.
Western Sydney.Indian Link
In one of the longest election campaigns in 50 years, we have seen a number of policy announcements in the Western Sydney region and visits from the leaders.
Voters are seeking to cut through the rhetoric and analyse the underlying issues in order to make an informed decision.
Indian Link spoke to the candidates for Parramatta, Greenway and Chifley to discuss issues that affect the people of Western Sydney and their policy priorities.
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