Swan Festival of Lights

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Once again Perth will go on a multicultural journey of the senses

The Swan Festival of Lights is set to take Perth once again on a multicultural journey of the senses, adorning the foreshore with a vivid experience of colours, rhythms and flavours.

Since its inception in 2008, the Swan Festival of Lights has flourished each year, attracting great crowds in union to celebrate the vivacious and enriching Indian festival of Deepavali (Diwali).

Presented by Annalakshmi Cultural Centre of WA and Temple of Fine Arts, this year’s event will be held at Langley Park, commencing on the auspicious Deepavali day, 22 October and concluding on 26 October.

Swan Festival of Lights 2014 showcases not only the diversity and vibrancy of traditions across various cultures but the celebration of a union and harmony of our rich origins. In keeping with our tagline “Celebrating Deepavali Together”, the Festival explores these traditional roots of cultures as unifying links through the multicultural merging of heritage, identity and philosophy.

This year’s Festival features an exquisite line-up of local and international multicultural talent, including internationally acclaimed composer and violin maestro Dr L. Subramaniam, who is equally adept at Indian classical and Western classical music.

Globally renowned Sitar maestro Ustad Usman Khan will also be performing, alongside vibrant dance and music performances from Temple of Fine Arts International and collaborative works with other cultures.

With delectable vegetarian delights prepared by Annalakshmi satisfying appetites throughout our Festival, and exclusive handicrafts by Lavanya Arts as well as a range of cooking, art, music and dance workshops, demonstrations and family friendly activities, the Festival provides an atmosphere sure to enrich Perth with an extraordinary experience of sights, sounds and smells.

Paying homage to the Inner Light residing in all of us, Deepavali revels in the essence of ‘Light’ as a symbol of hope, peace, harmony, knowledge and truth. Although vastly celebrated throughout India, Deepavali’s heart lies in the journey of every being and the universal theme of light triumphing darkness. This cultural ‘festival of lights’ serves as the foundation of the Festival and it is this illuminating element of Light that inspires a unifying experience throughout the Festival.

Through our offerings of art, music, dance and food, the Festival honours the vivacious and dynamic Indian culture along with a myriad of other ethnic groups that constitute Western Australia’s eclectic society.

For more details on the 2014 Swan Festival of Lights, please visit www.sfol.com.au.


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