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Ideas for your own warmer weather wardrobe, inspired by the runway


Love admiring trends, but worry about how they will look on you? Those were exactly my thoughts too, until I recently attended a Spring/Summer fashion event. And ever since my head has been reeling with ideas!
I’ve always loved the concept of runway to real way. I can already imagine you thinking, “How does one actually wear the clothes showcased on the runway by those skinny models?!” Well, that is exactly what I love to do; interpreting runway inspired styling ideas for you and me. So here’s my take on Spring/Summer 2013, hot off the runway, and made all too easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.
1. Black and white
If you are a fashionista, trend spotter or fashion blog reader you probably already know that this is a BIG one! So what’s new about this trend? If you are a believer in black being safe to hide your flaws and white is only for the slim figured, then I’d suggest you get ready to experiment a little. While black is certainly safe and reliable, white can be given a chance with free flowing material and interesting texture. Plus, it’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming warmer months. The way to rock this trend is to try black on black, or white on white, instead of just a standard white blouse with a black pencil skirt. Let me explain – try a black lace blouse with cream fitted pants and a black necklace (for black on black) or a white sheer dress, with white sandals and a striped clutch (for white on white). Other interesting ways to work this are black and white polka dots, or the evergreen black and white stripes and even variegated stripes.
2. Citrus hues
Lounging on the deck with a lemonade is such a lovely interpretation of a spring day! It’s time to bring that refreshing touch to your wardrobe. Think lemon yellow, lime and tangerine. They look incredible when paired with white, or even denim jeans. You could also add this colour to your accessory for the day, I’m talking bags, necklaces, bracelets, scarves or even bright flat sandals to contrast your pretty maxi dress. I’m a big fan of neon highlights and I recommend you add one tiny piece, such as studs or a bracelet, or even nail colour in a neon-ish green or yellow, just to make the look extra bright (if you’re in the mood for it).
3. Animal prints
Who says animal prints are only for Autumn/Winter?  There is no such rule; the only rule is to pick a lighter hue, like leopard spots on a white background or reptile print/ texture in a pastel shade. So this spring, wear your favourite animal print pants with a light colour top, dainty ankle strap sandals and a white bag and be ready to turn heads because you’ll not only look gorgeous but right on trend too! Another style tip for wearing animal prints is to keep the rest of the outfit subdued so you don’t go ‘over the top’ with it.
4. Printed accessories
If you are thinking “spring equals floral” and wondering if that is a trend far too out of date, then don’t hold that thought! Florals as far as I can remember will never be out of date in spring. The unusual thing, which I find quite creative this season, is that the floral print will be far trendier on accessories, than clothes, with the exception of printed pants of course. Floral printed wedge heels, Aztec print scarves and delicate print bags are what you’ll notice around, so go and indulge in these. Try and balance printed accessories with plain tops, dresses and pastel blazers, or mix prints if you like; such as stripes and florals, or dots and zig zag prints.
Whether you love trends or you don’t really care, you just can’t ignore the sights around, enticing you to try something maybe just a little bit different. So when you find yourself in that situation, you might think of this article and hopefully it will help you make a stylish decision for your spring wardrobe!

Kalyani Wakhare
Kalyani Wakhare
An architect by training and a fashion blog writer by passion, I equally love my day job of being a mum. I am a shopaholic, bargain hunter and trend spotter. The next best thing to shopping for me is styling or writing and reading all about fashion!

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