SIPBN Inc: Sydney’s newest business networking platform

The not-for-profit hopes to make national and global reach available to members.

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One of the consequences of COVID-19 has been a rethink of the way we live and work. International travel may have come to a shuddering halt, but our connectedness with the world around us has increased. Reports of not only the spread of the virus but also how a global community is fighting it have become daily news headlines. Business leaders have also found that instead of zipping around the globe, there are ways to interact and network together through Zoom, WebEx and that plain old-fashioned way of picking up the phone.

To build on the networking opportunities which will emerge post-COVID and to explore business and trade opportunities, Sydney-based entrepreneur Raman Bhalla has launched a not-for-profit organisation, the Sydney Investors, Professionals and Business Networking Group Incorporated (SIPBN Inc).

“This is a platform to harness the strength of the dynamic individuals and businesses of Sydney, especially Western Sydney,” Bhalla announced at the inaugural function held recently. “SIPBN is a premium platform to assist Australian businesses and entrepreneurs to expand into overseas markets through business introductions, exports, mergers and acquisitions, investments, and foreign tie-ups.”

He added, “Our mission is to help Australian business grow and thrive in the domestic and global post-pandemic environment. We connect people and businesses in Australia with opportunity and entrepreneurship across different parts of the world including the US, India, UK, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Israel and the Middle East.”

To help with the opportunities going forward, Bhalla has put together a strong board of advisers, including former NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner. At the launch, Andrew Stoner spoke about the innovative Australia which has broken new grounds in biotech areas. “Australia is the world leaders in research in sleep apnea through ResMed, and we have pioneered treatment for skin burns. We may be a small country, but we do very innovative things. And 25% of Australia’s economy lives in NSW, with Western Sydney playing a large role. Governments need to get out of the way and let businesses collaborate and network with each other, seizing the opportunities which lie ahead.”

SIPBN Inc Raman bhalla. sydney business platform
SIPBN’s inaugural function. Source: supplied

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NSW Minister David Elliot built on the theme of ‘Why New South Wales’. “The government has worked hard in the last few years to create a strong economic base in NSW,” he said. “They have created great infrastructure, invested in health, minimised any red tape and have encouraged opportunities in the community.”

Consul General of India (Sydney) Manish Gupta also spoke about the importance of multicultural diversity for economic growth.

SIPBN President Raman Bhalla is excited about the opportunities ahead. “To date, we have a number of exciting projects on the books,” he revealed. “Some of our transactions have been in the areas of building an aged care facility, property development projects of various levels either through direct investment or through structured vehicles, mining and exploration sectors, investing in green technology, pre- IPO opportunities and an education provider looking for expansion options. Our membership fee is $2,990 and so far, we have had good support for our memberships. The feedback by our members is that they find value in our premium platform to network, access deals, business matchmaking and advocacy.”

He added that the launch of the Sydney-based not-for-profit networking platform was “all about making national and global reach available to members to help secure business, investment and opportunities.”

In the next six to nine months, SIPBN has planned a roster of high-profile networking opportunities with successful business leaders, including an event in Federal Parliament Canberra with senior government leaders and opposition members.

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