Send Rupees with LitePay for only $5

Transfer money directly to family and friends for a low cost

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Sending money to India has just become even easier with Westpac. Using a Westpac account, within our online banking platform, customers will be able to transfer money directly to family and friends for a low cost of $5 per payment.
This new payment service means customers can send money anytime, meaning it’s available 24/7 on their mobile or desktop.
There is a limit of $3,000 per customer per day.
Kim Merlo, Westpac’s Head of Retail Foreign Exchange, says “The Indian community is an important part of Australia, and we are proud and excited to introduce this new service to our customers. LitePay offers a secure and safe way to transfer money to family and friends back home with a low transaction fee and competitive FX rate – another way Westpac is supporting the Indian community.”
Want to know more about Westpac’s new online payment service? Visit westpac.com.au/litepay.

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