Santi Whiteside

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Santi Whiteside
Santi Whiteside is a candidate for Wattle Ward for Whitehorse City Council

A bit about Santi Whiteside

Personal: I have resided in Whitehorse for more than 20 years with my multicultural family comprising my Australian born husband and three young adult children. My husband has lived in Whitehorse for over 45 years. I have been involved in a wide range of community organisations and activities and maintain a network at community grassroots level through to senior community leaders and ministerial level members of parliament.

Professional : I have a Diploma of Public Relations from the University of Indonesia.

The reason I’m standing for council elections

I am standing for Council because I am passionate about multiculturalism, supporting people’s mental health, achieving gender equality and believe Whitehorse Council plays an important role in ensuring good outcomes for the community. 

Through my experience from involvement in various community organisations that build a strong, family friendly, united community I will make a difference in Council decision making effectiveness. My key interests are creating a strong and united community, employment, education, health, arts, open space and sporting facilities. 

Why people should vote for me

My vision for Whitehorse is that people from all cultures have the ability to live, work and play in a secure, family friendly environment. I will support initiatives that ensure Whitehorse is well known for its employment, education, health, and open space offerings and that Whitehorse becomes the eastern suburbs capital of arts and culture. 

Being part of a multicultural family with three children, who has lived in Whitehorse for more than 20 years I understand the importance of having a tolerant, safe and clean environment in order for families to live.

My contribution to the community

I am a progressive community advocate who has participated in Australia Day, Harmony Day, various multicultural parades and Mental Health Month. I have taken responsibility to make mainstream information available to multicultural communities over many years and also during COVID-19. Some of the roles in which I have contributed to community organisations over the last 20 years to include:

  • Multicultural Ambassador – Mental Health Foundation Australia
  • Radio Broadcasting on 3ZZZ Ethnic Radio and 3WBC (Whitehorse Boroondara Community Radio)
  • President – Indonesian Community Association Victoria
  • Vice-President – Indonesian Society of Victoria
  • Committee Member – Australia India Society of Victoria
  • Women’s Association South East Melbourne Australia
  • Multicultural Women’s Program
  • Chinese Professional and Business Association
  • Indonesian Women’s Friendship Network

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Robust health initiatives to ensure control of the spread of infection to manageable levels
  • Small business recovery
  • Creating jobs

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