Rishi Prabhakar

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Rishi Prabhakar is the candidate for Chaffey Ward for Wyndham City Council

A bit about Rishi Prabhakar

Personal : Local resident for over a decade, I am a family man with two school going kids.

Professional : Accountant (CPA)

The reason I’m standing for council elections

I have been actively involved with advocacy and a passionate volunteer for many good causes for many years. This involvement sowed in me the seeds of active engagement with community issues, which enabled me in understanding the causes, impacts and working out solutions through consultation, collaboration and action. By contesting in the council elections, I aim to bring a change for better Wyndham and serve the community which I love.

Why people should vote for me

As a selfless community volunteer and an activist, I have a great understanding of the issues affecting our community in daily life. My voice and advocacy have always been for the Wyndham community, which led to achieving solutions for many significant matters. In 2016, I contested the Wyndham Council elections from Chaffey Ward and received a lot of support from the community. I am recontesting again to bring a better change for Wyndham.

Contribution to the community

I am involved with the community as a grassroots volunteer either personally or support through various community organisations. I am blessed to be able to give back to the Wyndham community in diverse roles with some great community organisations like Tarneit Neighbourhood Watch, Werribee Hospital Foundation, Sri Durga Temple, International Students Support Helpline, FIA, NO to YDC, WYNBUS (Patron) to name a few. 

As a Chair of Tarneit Neighbourhood Watch, I constantly work with Victoria Police and residents and liaise for issues they are affected or concerned, through WYNBUS we are bringing minibus to the areas of Tarneit where PTV is not covering. I have been volunteering for Werribee Hospital Foundation as a grassroots volunteer in raising funds and supporting their activities before joining the Board. My volunteering for the Hindu Temple has given me the opportunity to serve 1000’s of community members every week.

As a co-founder of FIA, I have also actively celebrated cultural festivals to integrate and bring communities together. I was also part of NO to YDC which was a successful community initiative to stop the State Government in building the Detention Centre in Werribee South. I am also part of various other initiatives Tree Plantation, Clean Up Australia for past many years 

If elected, my post-pandemic key goals will be to

  • Priority support for local jobs and small business 
  • Inclusive sporting, open spaces and recreational facilities because we have seen the importance of these facilities more than ever during this pandemic (this will play a major role in peoples mental & physical wellbeing)
  • Upskilling programs for youth empowerment by partnering with local social enterprises

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