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In today’s materialistic and egoistical world, for a bride-to-be, choosing a “hosh udane wala wedding outfit”, is a complicated task. It’s harder than falling in love. Yes, falling in love is easy. It isn’t a choice since it is an irrational chain of events that simply cannot be stopped. Love can happen slowly, over time, or quickly in a matter of moments. One glance, one touch, one long conversation. And you are in, hook-line and sinker…

But when it comes to wedding outfits, the prospective brides are spoilt for choices and you often hear them say, “I like it, but…”


Director: Dhiraj Sharma

Starring: Divyak D’Souza, Mallika Agrawal, Shivani Rawat, Ekta Prasad, Zinobia Surty, Shaneli Jain, Ishita Mitrani, Divine D’Souza, Manisha Prakash, Zara Umrigar, Varun Bahl, Shubika, Monica Shah, Anju Modi, Ashdeen, Seema Gujral, Leon Vaz, Vrinda Goklani

Rating: ***

This eight-episode fashion reality show, ‘Say Yes To The Dress India’, streaming on discovery+ simplifies the process, “making the impossible happen,” says its host Divyak D’Souza, ardently.

Each episode is staged and formulaic in design. The host Divyak D’Souza introduces himself and the two prospective brides, who would be featured, in the show. He tells us, the entire process is not about the outfit but more about how the brides-to-be feel in the outfit of their choice.

Each bride’s likes-dislikes for the dream wedding dress are discussed and taken into account after scrutinising their initial application and meeting them at their homes before the show.

The host and his team then zero down the designer, whose outfits could suit the candidate the best. Then, Divyak and his team present them with three to four dresses, but not before taking the entire entourage – parents, family, and friends’ consent into consideration, since weddings in India are not an individualistic affair. He assures the bride with, “I’ll find you the dress that’ll make you shine.”

In the end, to seal the deal, when the bride seems satisfied with her choice, Divyak pops the question, “So, are you saying yes to the dress?” On affirmation by the candidate, mission accomplished, the relieved host introduces the designer of the dress to the bride-to-be.

With a wide range of candidates, the show appears like a gallery of bride portraits. Some demure some dramatic and amusing, from different states and religions, brides marrying for the first time, and there is also one, a single mother with a young teenage son tying the knot for the second time. The list and line of dresses are fascinating.

But what makes the show interesting is the metaphors and comments thrown in by the brides and their entourage that keep you humorously engaged. What hit hard and factually true is, Zinobia telling Divyak that he appears more like a harried salesman in a boutique than a host of the show.

Overall, the show is a bit staid but well-packaged and presented. It would appeal to women and families having wedding plans on their minds.

Watch the trailer here.

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