Review: Ghoomer

Abhishek Bachchan's riveting performance elevates R. Balki's 'Ghoomer'

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In R. Balki’s latest, Abhishek Bachchan takes centre stage in a role that defies conventions and expectations. Supported by Saiyami Kher and Angad Bedi, he goes on to deliver an inspiring performance that cements his position as an acting powerhouse.


Film: Ghoomer
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Director: R. Balki
Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Saiyami Kher, Angad Bedi and Shabana Azmi
Rating: ****

‘Ghoomer’ depicts an extraordinary journey of a cricketer whose life meets tragedy with an unexpected accident that leaves Saiyami with only one hand. Post the accident, Saiyami becomes a lefty and contemplates ending her life, but that’s when Abhishek enters it.

Playing the coach, Abhishek’s versatility shines. Saiyami’s transformation is brilliant. Despite his character’s persona, Abhishek infuses the narrative with renewed energy, aiding Saiyami’s character development from a promising batter to an innovative spinner.

Her character makes you feel the pain with every shot and angle. It is also a perfect example of how with the right grit and determination, everything is possible.

Abhishek’s character in ‘Ghoomer’ is one that allows his performance to talk through his eyes. His portrayal of a troubled drunkard, a deeply flawed and tormented soul battling his inner demons, is mesmerising. He is also seen grappling with a sense of purposelessness. His character, a gifted bowler haunted by his own history, presents itself as a narrative masterpiece, brought to life by Abhishek.

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The film scales its zenith when Abhishek takes the stage with his monologue. He delves into the labyrinth of his character Paddy’s life, unravelling the hows and whys of his predicament. It is through these moments that his performance transforms into an enigmatic blend of darkness and wit.

As the film moves towards its gripping climax, Abhishek’s character takes on an unexpected transformation, seamlessly evolving into a refined coach. Every minute detail of this evolution is masterfully portrayed, and his on-screen persona resonates with an authenticity that is hard to overlook.

Amitabh Bachchan’s extended cameo in ‘Ghoomer’ is a welcome addition that enriches the Abhishek-Saiyami starrer. Stepping into the story with his trademark gravitas, Amitabh Bachchan delivers a performance that leaves a mark on the audience. He offers an insightful commentary that complements the central theme. With his unparalleled charisma, Amitabh Bachchan’s cameo enhances the emotional resonance of ‘Ghoomer’, serving as a reminder of his enduring influence in the world of cinema.

‘Ghoomer’ isn’t merely a film; it’s a story that captures the moment. This film marks a milestone in Abhishek Bachchan’s career, showcasing his remarkable journey to brilliance. ‘Ghoomer’ isn’t just a cinematic experience into the world of cricket; it’s an expedition into the uncharted territories of human emotions, supported by Saiyami Kher and Angad Bedi.

The film is out in theatres on August 18.

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