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Wanderings in India

edited by Rick Hosking and Amit Sarwal.

In 1859, Australia’s first native-born novelist John Lang wrote Wanderings in India and other Sketches, an entertaining travel book. Having practiced law in India (Lang’s clients included the Rani of Jhansi), starting a paper in Meerut and ultimately dying in Mussoorie, Lang and his book (or at least, the title of his book) are the inspiration behind Monash University’s collection of essays titled Wanderings in India: Australian Perceptions, published in 2012. Part historical, part sporting and political, this one’s a really cool travel accessory if you’re Indian, Australian or anything in between!


Deserve Me

Debut single by Amritha Shakti.

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Deserve Me is the debut single of Amritha Shakti, the Australian/Indian singer-songwriter, who for years has been covering a range of songs across genres including jazz, R&B, soul, Indian fusion and Bollywood. A celebration of South Asian women, the video for Deserve Me is gloriously filmed and features around 30 South Asian women from Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Bangladeshi backgrounds. Amritha’s familiar and compelling backstory, the video’s stunning visuals and her rich, husky voice make this lovely (and catchy) single a great soundtrack to a wistful winter evening.


Sydney- Shri Refreshment Bar

Only a few steps away from the restaurants on Wigram St in Harris Park, sits this little hole-in-the-wall eatery, Shri Refreshment Bar. Stand by and watch the rotis fluff up, on a large open hot plate. We make about a thousand each, nightly, the girls tell you smilingly. The phulkas and stuffed parathas entice you in, but before you leave, you’ll have tried the street food favourites kachori chaat, matka rabri and masala chai, and Shri’s signature paan. Our top pick? Chapatis straight off the tava with two home-style curries, under $10.


Melbourne – Atta

Photo courtesy http://www.attarestaurant.com.au/

Indian food re-imagined! Owners Brij and Harry showcase indigenous and classic Indian dishes with a contemporary perspective at Atta. Steering away from the norm, the restaurant offers a fine dining, sensory experience that’s unique, vibrant and exciting in a sleek, sophisticated yet fun and social setting. A much needed, refreshing shift when it comes to the Indian food scene of Melboune, Atta’s modern take on classics like Sikandari Raan, Nargeshi Kofta, Ras-Malai etc…. is sure to offer that ‘wow’ moment. And forget the beer and curry combo; the contemporary vibe extends to the beverages too with a range of cocktails, craft beers and fine wines matched to the food. (Words by Dhanya Samuel)


Wild Wild Country

Long before there was the shady Guruji (Sacred Games 2) or even the utter nutjob Charles Manson (experiencing a brief pop culture revival thanks to Mindhunter season 2 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), there was the OG holy man with his cult following – Bhagwan Rajneesh aka Osho. ICYMI, Netflix’s 2018 docu-series Wild, Wild Country is a brilliant deep-dive into all things Osho, especially the maroon robe-clad “Rajneeshes” (his followers), with particular focus on the nearly-murderous antics of Ma Anand Sheela and an unwitting Australian Jane Stork. Binge score = 10/10!

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