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If you have to look good on short notice, here are a few tips to get back the glam and great look without much effort writes MINNAL KHONA

Sometimes, all it takes is knowing what to do to look good in just a few minutes. Whether it is drying nail polish or fixing a broken nail, there are a few things you can do to up your glam quotient in no time at all.
Flush face
Imagine this scenario. You are at a gym, working away to get that hot bod going, and this hunk you have been eyeing shows up for his turn at the weights. But hang on, with all that strenuous running on the treadmill, your face is all flushed, red and sweaty. So what do you do to catch his attention and not have him mistake you for a human beetroot?
Help is at hand and you don’t even have to leave the gym for it. All you need to do is splash your face with cold water; that will reduce the redness. If you don’t want to be out of his line of vision and want to continue exercising, keep a spritzer handy with your water bottle. Spritz your face with a face mist or a bottle filled with cold water. You can add a few drops of scented oil to the water to add a touch of exotica.
The last remedy for reducing facial redness is to wet a towel and place it around your neck. This works instantly to cool you down and will bring your complexion back to normal.
Nail art
It has happened to all of us at some point. We grow our nails, carefully manicure them and then they tear at one end or worse, chip off. What do you do, especially if you have an important meeting or a hot date? You don’t want your finger ripping a thread off the tablecloth or running a ladder through your stockings.
What you can do is file away the torn edge of your damaged fingernail while trying to retain the shape of the nail. If that is not possible, cut up a tea bag and take a small portion from the empty side of the bag. Stick it with glue to on top of the area where your nail is tearing. After the glue dries, file away the excess paper. Then apply a base coat, followed by nail polish. This will tide you over in an emergency. Or till the next appointment with your manicurist.
High speed drier
We have all had moments when a freshly applied coat of nail polish couldn’t dry fast enough. We have smudged our polish rushing to answer the phone or picking up something. So if you have applied nail polish and want it to dry asap, as soon as you start applying, keep a bowl of ice water handy. Wait for a couple of minutes after applying the final coat, then place your fingers into this iced water. Keep your hands under water for at least three minutes and remove. This should harden and dry the polish.
Another alternative is to have a sibling or friend around when you are painting your nails. Ask them to use the hair dryer and blow air over your nails. Make sure you stretch your arms with your fingers splayed out right under the blower so that the polish dries properly.
Pain free waxing
Now this self-imposed torture in the name of hygiene and short skirts is a necessity for all us women. But the pain can be reduced if one keeps in mind two things.
The first is to try and wax regularly before the roots get too strong and the hair grows thicker or longer. That way it hurts less. If you suffer from ingrown hair, use a pumice stone to gently remove the skin around it so that when you wax, the ingrown hair comes out too.
Secondly, if you keep in mind your period cycles, avoid waxing three days before or three days after, or even during your monthly cycle. It will hurt less as the skin gets more sensitive around that time of the month.
Bad hair day
Ever been to a new hairdresser who has cut your hair exactly how you did not want it cut? Or made such a mess that you look like a plucked chicken? Or just hated the cut and what it made you look like? Yes, yes, been there done that, many times! But one can cry and hide one’s hair under a hat or a scarf for a while. Can’t do it all the time or at work, can you?
So what do you do to outgrow a bad haircut? Besides the mandatory scarves and hair bands, you can look at tying it up differently, if it is long enough. If it is a short crop gone bad, make caps and hats your new BFFs.
For slightly longer hair that can be tied up, a ponytail is the best and safest option. Trust me, I have tried that and till your hair grows and you get a better cut the next time, even if it is freshly washed and blow dried, tie it up. If you have bangs in the front that are too short or too long, do the same, clip them back or wear a hairband and sweep it all off your face.
Avoid wearing too much make up when you are getting over a bad haircut, as it draws attention to your face and hair. Focus on a great dress and accessories instead.

Minnal Khona
Minnal Khona
Minnal is a senior writer and editor. Her forte is lifestyle journalism, art, food, beauty and travel writing

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