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In south Asian culture, there’s a strong sense of duty towards family. Whether it’s old age, sickness, or disability, families rally together to do their part for their loved ones.

When they need an extra hand, though, OSAN Ability Assist is happy to step in.

“Our culture can sometimes hinder the ability to ask for help. At OSAN, we’re simply suggesting some additional aid,” says Dr Omer Khan with a smile.

As CEO, he has seen the company grow from its humble beginnings into an industry leader in disability support and aged care services. Through their certified caregivers, excellent accommodation facilities, and services that span 26 different categories, OSAN provides it all.

“We’re not too large that our clients become just a number, but we’re not too small that we can’t cater to your needs. We live our mission statement: ‘quality care with compassion’,” Omer shares.

True to their word, OSAN’s phone services do not get directed to an answering machine. Instead, you’re always greeted by a pleasant voice on the other end of the line in a variety of languages like Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Turkish, and Afghani.

In fact, Omer beams, OSAN goes the extra mile. From trainees to senior management, all staff try to visit every client, gaining valuable feedback and creating connections along the way.

Many times, these little interactions make all the difference.

Dr Omer Khan
Dr Omer Khan

As a registered provider with Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), OSAN’s support services are tailored to each client. And for new migrants and Australians who don’t know about NDIS facilities, Omer and his team want to help you get the facilities you’re entitled to.

How do you know that you’re eligible? It starts with three simple questions:

  • Are you less than 65 years old when you first enter the NDIS?
  • Are you an Australian citizen or hold a permanent/ Protected Special Category visa?
  • Do you have a disability that affects day-to-day activities?

With $22 billion allotted to disability services in Australia in 2020, OSAN is determined to connect you with the right funding for your needs.

Members of the team like Karuna Prasad, Director of Operations at OSAN Ability, believe that leaders like Omer truly have the ability to change people’s lives. In fact, when funding fell through for a client who had been waiting for a disabled scooter for months, she saw Omer buy the scooter himself.

“This kind of work makes you learn a lot about yourself,” Karuna shares. “And OSAN is the kind of company that is driven by community service. A part of our income is devoted towards welfare work, to give back.”

She still remembers the case of an elderly mother whose son was placed in a government facility that was unsuited to his requirements. Every day he would call her, stressed out of his wits. Eventually the 85-year-old took him in – and continued to care for him in her old age.

With OSAN’s accredited short- and medium-term accommodation services and specialised disability accommodation, families don’t need to make that difficult choice ever again.

“We welcome families to be involved, but we empower our clients, so they don’t feel like a burden. We help them achieve their goals, no matter their age, creed, or disability, by giving them their own space and independence,” Karuna explains proudly.

During the pandemic, the importance of healthcare workers has been at the forefront. OSAN, too, continues to hire care workers as they expand.

“The Australian philosophy is to always invest in health. As an organisation, we’re recruiting almost every week. We require minimum Certificate 3 & 4 qualifications in disability and aged care. This is a great career choice for those who are interested,” Omer says.

When over 4 million Australians continue to live with a disability, empowering them to live normal lives (with a little assistance) can go a long way. No matter where you are in Australia, OSAN is always there to help – just reach out.

For more information, check out www.osanability.com.au.

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