NSW Bushfire appeals

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As we celebrate the Festival of Lights, residents from New South Wales are ruing the destructive power of nature as the state and its brave firefighters battle to stop the fiery inferno that has destroyed homes and wildlife, and threatened lives.
Among the festivities, Diwali is also symbolic of generosity, so Indian Link urges you to donate to the cause of the NSW bushfire victims and its firefighting services.
Charities such as the Salvation Army (http://salvos.org.au) and Red Cross Appeal (http://redcross.org.au/disaster-relief-and-recovery.aspx) are asking people who want to help NSW bushfire victims to donate cash instead of food or clothing. Donating cash is more helpful as it gives bushfire victims choice over what to purchase.
Petbarn is also running an appeal in conjunction with the RSPCA to assist rescue and recovery efforts aimed at wildlife, pets and livestock. You can donate to this appeal at all Petbarn stores. The RSPCA is also appealing for online donations to help RSPCA inspectors help animals affected by the bush fires https://www.thankq.net.au/donate/V230/Donate1.aspx .
People across the country are doing their best to help the victims of the NSW bushfires, let’s do our bit to help too.

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