Mission Karmayogi: India’s new programme to reform bureaucracy

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 The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved ‘Mission Karmayogi’ — a National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building.

The government hopes it will help civil servants remain entrenched in Indian culture while they learn from best practices across the globe. The Centre expects the programme to completely change the way civil servants or their roles are perceived.

C Chandramouli, Secretary of the Department of Personnel & Training (source)

Listing the qualities that the government envisions in future civil servants, Mission Karmayogi will aim to prepare them to be more creative, constructive, imaginative, innovative, proactive, professional, progressive, energetic, enabling, transparent as well as technology-enabled.

Through a powerpoint presentation, the government showcased its “vision” of the civil servants and end the culture of them “working in silos”. This is in sync with Prime Minister Narendra modi’s vision of ‘New India’.

The aim of the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building is to shift it from rule-based to role-based human resource management, said Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar.

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Other missions include emphasising the role of on-site learning in complementing off-site learning; linking training and development of competencies of civil servants; transforming training institutes into centres of excellence; ministries to directly invest and co-create a common learning ecosystem and focus on large scale training on e-learning.

C Chandramouli, Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, said that at the top there will be a PM’s HR Council under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister which will include experts.

A Capacity Building Commission will also be set up whose role will be to harmonise training standards, create shared faculty and resources and supervising the training institutions, Chandramouli added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly endorsed ‘Mission Karmayogi’ which is tipped to be the next big disruptor.

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