#MissionJAB: Indian Link’s campaign for increased vaccine uptake

Have you had your COVID vaccine yet? Well, jab (when) you do, tell the world using our hashtag #jabwegotvaxxed.

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As we face many weeks ahead in lockdown – and varying levels of restriction when it is eased – one thing is clear: we need to raise our vaccination rates.

The messages that have bombarded us so far in this health crisis in Australia, have confused us and clouded our decision making. Is one vaccine better than the other?

How can I get the ‘better’ vaccine?

What role does age group play in vaccine efficacy?

How good is my vaccine in controlling the Delta variant?

So now I’m being asked to shift the gap between doses?

Can I get out and about now that I’ve had my two shots?

Whether the sluggish rates of vaccination uptake are because of shifts in messaging, poor supply, or general vaccine hesitancy, the need of the hour is to get the community to take that first step and make a booking to get the jab.

And so we launch #MissionJAB. A community campaign by Indian Link, this endeavour is aimed at getting the message out to as many people in Australia’s Indian community as possible – to get vaccinated and be safe.

The messaging in #MissionJAB takes a multipronged approach:

  1. Community connect: We are encouraging all (even those who’ve had their first jab) to take to social media with a “vaxxie”, or vaccine selfie, using the hashtag #jabwegotvaxxed. Vaccine selfies help normalise the vaccine procedure, reducing hesitancy around perceived risks and increasing vaccine trust within social circles.

2. Messages from the frontline in India: The Delta variant wreaked havoc across our home country India, with many of us affected directly by its onslaught. In our short video series, we bring messages from health professionals describing the devastation they have witnessed, and stressing the absolute urgency of vaccination at this time. You can hear these messages in various languages.

3. Messages from friends of the Indian community: Our short video series also includes messages from friends of the Indian community here in Australia. Many of our state and federal politicians across the political divide are well liked in the Indian community. As frequent and willing guests at our community events, they have forged strong bonds with us. Easily identified, they make wonderful influencers for Mission JAB.

4. Bollywood calling: To appeal to the younger generation, the Indian Link Radio team led by Ekta Sharma have created a parody of an iconic Hindi song. The reworking of the lyrics sends the vaccination message out.

We thank the health professionals, celebs, pollies and others who have already joined us in #MissionJAB. Can’t wait to see you on social media, getting on the bandwagon with us.

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