Kahaniyon Ka Shaher: The magical world of storytelling

Broadcaster SAMAY presents his heart-warming stories in an Indian Link Radio podcast

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Kahaniyon Ka Shaher

A lonely senior citizen discovers the internet, falls in love with it, and finds himself a kindred soul.

On her 25th wedding anniversary, a woman describes the early days of her arranged marriage.

An NRI son returns home briefly to visit his aged father

A lift-man in an inner city apartment block observes a young woman visit an elderly resident regularly.

These are but some of the many themes in Kahaniyon Ka Shaher, a podcast series in Hindi on Indian Link Radio.

Presented by popular broadcaster Samay, the two-hour episodes are interspersed with – and enhanced by – some cleverly picked musical interludes.

Samay says the series is his way of reviving the art of storytelling.

“I’ve always loved stories,” he tells Indian Link. “My favourite childhood memory is listening to stories told by my grandparents and my parents, and listening to stories on the radio. Loved the world of films too for the stories!”

Although the series was first launched in 2017, its revival early this year couldn’t have come at a better time, just when the pandemic set in. It is currently seeing a wave of popularity.

“Many media platforms are reviving this lost art of storytelling, with people reading from their own or others’ works; I’m loving it!”

His own favourite stories from the series? “The ones that break the barriers of age – and which build unlikely relationships across the divides of generations.”

In real-time you can listen to Kahaniyon Ka Shaher Monday to Saturday 4-6 pm AEST. Find back episodes on the Indian Link Radio app, Sound Cloud and Podcast.

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