Julian Leeser’s fundraiser is an Indian meal with ScoMo

When ScoMo stirred the masala and rolled out the naans for Julian Leeser

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In what became one of his last official functions as Member of Parliament, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison chose to stir the masala at Delhi Heights restaurant in MP Julian Leeser’s constituency Berowra NSW.

The event was a fundraiser for Leeser, and it booked out the popular eatery on the Friday night before ScoMo made his valedictory speech at Parliament.


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The former Prime Minister, a well-known curry aficionado, donned his apron and got in front of the stove to make a chicken curry Madras style, and then got together with Julian Leeser to roll out the dough for the naans. (He refused politely however to insert his hand inside the red hot tandoor to cook said flatbread).

The chicken curry went down very well with the guests, all of them long-time Liberal supporters of the area. They also savoured, alongside, the other items on the Punjabi-inspired menu prepared by chef Sony Sodhi, including goat curry, butter chicken and paneer.

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The gathered diners showed all the enthusiasm of Swifties at a Tay Tay concert – thrilled like teenagers when ScoMo went round to take selfies with each individual guest.

And when he spoke, it seemed like they were all farewelling an era, not just a former prime minister.

Julian Leeser himself started it all off – making mention of the high level of regard he had for Morrison, despite their different stance at the Referendum last year.

“Scott has been one of the most successful prime ministers in recent years,” he said to applause. “He got a lot accomplished during his tenure.”

The mutual admiration was evident again as Morrison took to the floor. Brushing off their difference as ‘that little thing last year,’ he gushed about Julian as a profound thinker and a deeply intelligent person.

“Julian is one to look forward to, not just for the Liberal Party, but also for our country,” he said.

Later, Mr. Morrison seemed to enjoy himself as he took questions from the audience – touching on issues as wide as school closure during COVID (“We didn’t want to shut the schools down – we’ve now been proved correct”), border closures at COVID (“at lease Dan and Gladys were talking, but on the other side… eye roll”), the role of AUKUS and QUAD in Australia’s foreign relations going forward, and how media treats the different sides of politics.

Their political / philosophical differences on some issues notwithstanding, the deep friendship between Morrison and Leeser was clear for all to see.

Another former Prime Minister, John Howard, had once described the Liberal Party as a “broad church”. It was a concept that shone through at this Julian Leeser – Scott Morrison fundraiser, in its wonderful diversity and unification for the larger Liberal cause.

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