It’s time to get your heaters checked

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Over the past three years, Energy Safe Victoria’s (ESV) Be Sure campaign has prompted more Victorians to have their heaters checked by a qualified gasfitter at least once every two years, however there are still some who are yet to act on this message.

ESV also warns people to ensure some ventilation in the room when the heater is on, and not to operate extraction fans, such as a bathroom fan or a kitchen rangehood at the same time as the heater.

ESV Commissioner and Chairperson Marnie Williams said carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms were often similar to those experienced by flu sufferers.

“We are urging Victorians to ensure their families are protected this winter with tens of thousands of open flued gas heaters still being used across the state,” Ms Williams said.

“We want people to be warm in their homes but those with open flued gas heaters need to ensure their units are serviced by Type A, licensed plumbers at least every two years.”

Victorian Multicultural Commission spokesperson Vivienne Nguyen said carbon monoxide poisoning from old or faulty gas heaters presented a real danger to families this winter.

“Having your heaters checked by a qualified gasfitter is an easy step to ensure you and your loved ones are safe,” Ms Nguyen said.

Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Angie Bone said that while not everyone suffering these symptoms had an issue with a heater, it was essential that carbon monoxide poisoning was not overlooked.

Be Sure was launched in 2019 after Greensborough woman Sonia Sofianopoulos died from carbon monoxide poisoning in her home.

For more information, visit the website or call 136 186.

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