International Student Travel Pass opens doors to VIC

Save 50 per cent on public transport in Victoria with an International Student Travel Pass.

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In a move aimed at alleviating the financial burden on international students and fostering their exploration of the state, the Australian government has introduced an International Student Travel Pass for those studying in Victoria.

The International Student Travel Pass, which was officially launched at the Study Melbourne YOUR PASS TO PLAY pop-up event at Melbourne Central, presents an opportunity for international students to experience the best of Victoria without breaking the bank. With participants from 160 different countries, this pass promises to make life more affordable for these students while also boosting local tourism.

Minister for Trade and Investment Tim Pallas emphasised that international students are integral to the cultural tapestry of Victoria and are viewed as essential members of the community. He encouraged students to explore the advantages of the International Student Travel Pass, which provides substantial discounts on Victoria-wide travel myki cards, offering durations of 90, 180, or 365 days at an impressive 50 percent discount. This translates to potential savings of up to $975, a considerable relief for students grappling with cost-of-living pressures.

What does the pass offer?

The pass offers a multi-faceted solution to the transportation needs of international students. Not only does it facilitate their daily commute to campus and work, but it also presents an opportunity to traverse the breadth of Victoria. For those based in Melbourne, the pass enables them to explore the city and beyond, while regional students can make their way to Melbourne without incurring exorbitant costs. This has the dual effect of promoting both tourism and financial respite for students.

A noteworthy aspect of the International Student Travel Pass is its scale, as it stands as the most extensive public transport discount program for international students across Australia. Its introduction is a key component of Victoria’s International Education Recovery Plan 2025, an initiative aimed at revitalizing international education and attracting more students to both Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Presently, Melbourne is hailed as Australia’s premier city for international students, a distinction reaffirmed by the recent QS Best Student City report. The city has continuously held the top position in this global index since 2015, thanks to factors such as affordability, quality of life, the calibre of universities, diversity, and overall desirability.

Notably, international education constitutes Victoria’s largest services export, contributing substantially to the economy and supporting over 40,000 jobs. The government’s Study Melbourne service, offering free legal advice on employment and housing matters, as well as confidential round-the-clock support, underscores Victoria’s commitment to ensuring a supportive and enriching experience for its international students.

Participating education providers include institutions like Australian Catholic University, Deakin University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, and the University of Melbourne, among others. These establishments are embracing the International Student Travel Pass as a means to provide their students with broader horizons and more accessible opportunities.

Melbourne-based international student Ashmit Badal voiced his enthusiasm for the pass, recounting how it facilitated a cost-effective trip to Geelong with his friends. He affirmed that the pass has made such excursions more feasible and enjoyable, which would have otherwise been a financial consideration.

Metropolitan Melbourne students

Students studying in Melbourne can purchase a state-wide pass that covers Zone 1, 2 and regional Victoria. This means you can travel anywhere in Victoria for the price of a Zone 1+2 pass.

Students studying at an institution in Zone 2 (for example, Deakin University in Burwood) have the option of purchasing a Zone 2-only pass if they prefer.

Regional students

Regional students can purchase a state-wide pass that covers regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. This means your pass allows you to travel into Melbourne as well.

Regional students can also choose to only purchase a pass that covers only the zone in which their institution is located.

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